5th Musical Award (“ToH” nominated for 11 Awards)

07 Jun

Junsu’s <Tears of Heaven> has been nominated for 11 awards at the “5th Musical Awards” in Korea!!

and here are the complete result :

ToH Nominations + Wins (In Bold)
◆ Best Creative Original Musical – 광화문연가, 서편제, Tears of Heaven, 피맛골연가
◆ Best Directing – 가브리엘베리(천국의눈물), 이지나(광화문연가), 이지나(서편제), 조광화(남한산성)
◆ Best Composition- 윤일상-조광화(서편제), 장소영김동성-정영(남한산성), 장소영-배삼식(피맛골연가), Frank Wildhorn-Robin Lerner(Tears of Heaven)
◆ Best Script – 배삼식(피맛골연가), 이영훈(광화문연가), 조광화(서편제), Phoebe Hwang(Tears of Heaven)
◆ Best Cheorography – 오재익(궁), Lee Lan Yong (Tears of Heaven), 이란영(피맛골연가), 피비 달린 정헌재(빌리 엘리어트)
◆ Best Stage – David Gallo(Tears of Heaven), 박동우(서편제), 박동우 신수이(광화문연가), 서숙진(피맛골연가), 정승호(남한산성)
◆ Best Lighting – 구윤영(광화문연가), 구윤영(서편제), Gu Yun Yeong(Tears of Heaven), 민경수(피맛골연가), 정태진(남한산성)
◆ Best Sound – 권도경(남한산성), 권도경(피맛골연가), 김기영(광화문연가), Kim Ki Yeong(Tears of Heaven)
◆ Best Musical Director – 김문정(광화문연가), 변희석(스팸어랏), 장소영(피맛골연가), Han Jeong Lim(Tears of Heaven)
◆ Best Actor – Kim Junsu (Tears of Heaven), 류정한(몬테크리스토), 정성화(스팸어랏), 조승우(지킬앤하이드), 홍광호(지킬앤하이드)
◆ Best Supporting Actor – 박정환(광화문연가), Brad Little(Tears of Heaven), 서범석(서편제), 임기홍(톡식 히어로), 정상훈(스팸어랏)
◆ Popularity Awards – Kim Junsu and Yoon Gong Joo (Tears of Heaven)

3 Awards by ToH ^-^
Compiled by ^^

congratz for all winners !!!


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