[Trans] Noh Junyoung(music critic)’s Tweet about Junsu (via Forever With Junsu)

07 Aug

before this, he was tweeted about junsu too.

Music critic Noh Jun Yeong’s Twitter: “Speaking of, you should listen to My Destiny & Rainy Night~ Xiah’s vocals really are Kim Junsu! Harmony priorities, sensitivity, stage presence, everything is of high level standards!”

credit :  @tohosomnia

reading this kind of compliment from music critic always made (me) fans are very happy. though Junsu has many good reviews from music’s professionals, still his appearances on TV is a forbid, JYJ need new fans, to let the world know how good they are and how they are getting better and better each day.

♥♥♥ JYJ fighting !!! ♥♥♥

[Trans] Noh Junyoung(music critic)'s Tweet about Junsu I listened to You are so beautiful and of course it’s Myeong Bul Huh Jeon(which means there is a reason for being well known). There is a difference between someone who can sing well and sing deliciously. Xiah Junsu sings well of course, but the expression ‘singing deliciously’ suits him better. translated by @alles2012 … Read More

via Forever With Junsu

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