[Trans] 110826 Junsu’s Tweet (via fashion follows yoochun)

27 Aug

Junsu is really a nice person.
his DP is amazingly stand out, maybe his forehead?
Junsu-yah…love you more!!!

[Trans] 110826 Junsu's Tweet @joohyunieee to @0101xiahtic: It’s Joohyun noona, Junsu-ya~ noona still needs you~ thank you for the nonstop laughter from the beginning of the performance to the end~Fighting!!

@0101xiahtic: You saw me?

@joohyunieee: Isn’t your laughter very unique~ke! Have you been working out recently..? You’re actually more handsome if you don’t tan… noon’s going to eat yummy food now~

@0101xiahtic: I’m not working out anymore, please go and eat. Trans: @_H … Read More

via fashion follows yoochun

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