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[NEWS] 110927 Junsu Speaks About Soccer and JYJ

Reporter Jung Ha-youn of MBC Sports recently secured an interview with one of the JYJ trio,Kim Junsu.

Junsu epitomizes the adage “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, as he has managed to deliver excellent performances both on stage and on the soccer field. Junsu is a well known player for and director of celebrity soccer club F.C. Men, and has also earned MVP honors during their last tournament. At the same time, with the recent release of their first Korean album, In Heaven, promotions are at an all time high and it is no mean feat to balance the two. However, Junsu claims that, since he loves both aspects of his life, he is able to deliver that powerful performance in both fields. He also thanked his fans for their constant support and cheers.

Check out the complete conversation below.

Jung Ha-youn, Reporter: Let us now meet with F.C. Men’s director, Kim Junsu. Hello!

Kim Junsu: Hello!

Reporter: F.C. Men finished the first round of the tournament [Peace Star Cup 2011; the first round occurred in May – ed.] ranked #1. What are your outlooks for the second round?

Junsu: It’s difficult for us to project at the moment. We just plan to play as hard as we did last round.

Reporter: Last round, you scored a goal and earned MVP honors. What are your personal goals for the second round?

Junsu: I want to be able to play in all of our games. Last round, I was disappointed because I could only play in one game; this time, I hope our schedule works out so that I can play in all three matches. I’d be content with just that.

Reporter: Recently, you released a new album – JYJ’s In Heaven is garnering immense popularity right now. The songs are really great!

Junsu: Thank you.

Reporter: Isn’t it difficult for you physically to play soccer while also promoting your album?

Junsu: Of course, when the promotional activities start in earnest, it’ll be more difficult to play. But it’s something that I love, so I’m always trying to be able to do both.

Reporter: Many fans from both Korea and Japan have attended today’s game to root for you. A word for them?

Junsu: First of all, I feel somewhat bad for making my fans come all the way to a soccer field. But I’m grateful that they have come to root for me, and I’ll try my best to play hard and not get hurt. Thank you.

Reporter: Thoughts or resolutions going into the game?

Junsu: All of us playing today are entertainers… so I want us to play safe and play fair, and just have a great game.

Reporter: Hoping for a good match today.

Junsu: Sure. Thank you!

Reporter: That was Kim Junsu, director of FC Men.

Sources: HEAVENJYJ via YouTube (video), soeullee and allkpop (pictures).

Credit: hellokpop
Shared by: JYJ3

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[Video] JYJ “Do it Now” campaign’s CF

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[Fancam] 110910 and 110917 Junsu Suwon Blue Wings

Captain-nim you’re such a loveable player

Girls Girls please behave


Park Sung Kwang !!!

how could you touch you’re soccer captain on that area?!


last but not least

captain-nim please don’t teaseeeeee………….!!!!


credit all vids on the uploader

xiahwas are awesomeeeeeeee!!!

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[Trans] Music critic Noh Junyoung’s review on In Heaven

[Trans] Music critic Noh Junyoung’s review on In Heaven

In fact, the epithet ‘idol’ is a double-edged sword. To someone, it could be a real ‘idol’, but to someone, it could be a subject to prejudice. The idol fever that swept the whole world traces back to the 80s. On August 1st 1981, the pop music world changed as a lot of idols with fine appearances started to pour out when MTV, a station that airs music vidoes for 24 hours, was founded. Of course they each had star qualities and singing abilities, but it was true that somehow their appearance attraced more attention. This kind of prejudice is still valid. In many cases, for an idol, people expect a lower level of musical ability. However, as a lot of talented idols showed up, the twisted attitude is slowly disappearing, and ‘TVXQ’ is one of the artists who contributed largely to this situation. All of the members produced high quality, classy music. Eventually they gripped the whole Asian markets, and also guided the idol groups to the right path. In a bigger picture, they created a new methodology for singers to benchmark.

Their fans must have been more sorry for what had happened to them because of these reasons(he’s talking about the lawsuit). JYJ is still the most talented among idol groups in existence. This is becuase the collaboration of Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun, who possesses singing, performance, and entertaining ablilities, is on the basis. They could target the worldwide market with their first album [The Beginning] because they were confident of their abilities. Isn’t it proved that their possiblities to comepete in the American market was confirmed, as the best hiphop producer Kanye West lent his voice without hesitation? There are three points to focus on [In Heaven], released in this kind of situation, when even spatial constraints are collapsing. Whether a Korean album-not an English one to target the worldwide market-can appeal as a hit keywod, if they can compete with only their music without enough appearance on TV, and if the music is good enough to cover three members’ singing ability. When you listen to all the songs of [In Heaven], you’ll get an answer of these three points easier than you thought.

The first thing we must focus on is that the members participated in every song in the album, taking a step forward to an musician. The single fact that they directly participated in the album and showed their leadership is a part that should be highly appreciated. It is a nice evidence that they are making an effort to be accepted as artists. In addition, since the members demonstrated their sense of trend that they felt during the tour, it is needless to comment on their possibilities. ‘Get Out’, produced by Jaejoong and Yoochun, is a trendy pop dance song. The lively composition and the texture of the sound makes the members’ charm stand out even more, and furthermore, as shocking shouting vocals were added, it became a nice song with a strong feeling. You can feel JYJ’s Asian sensitivity in ‘In Heaven’, ‘Fallen Leaves’, and ‘Boy’s Letter’. Especially the appeal in the climax of ‘In Heaven’, the nostalgic sensitivity of ‘Fallen Leaves’, and the unusual composition of ‘Boy’s Letter’ are outstanding. Because these songs have both the nostalgia for the past and the goal of present, you can meet the longing feeling and the delight at the same time.

Different from the former songs, ‘Mission’ and ‘I.D.S’ shows future-oriented aspects. ‘Mission’ with the powerful beat, and ‘I.D.S’ with the auto-tune technique, both has the trendy American sounds. Especially the addictive sound of ‘I.D.S’ is very high-leveled, and in my opinion it would recieve favorable responses even if it is released in the American market. ‘You’re’ and ‘Pierrot’ are pop dance songs with medium tempo, better if you watch the performance. Especially, ‘Pierrot’ refreshes the listeners’ logic by the ironic composition with pretty shocking lyrics, craving for freedom, and a bright melody. ‘Nine’ is a retro-stlye song, also a song that you must listen to. It is hard to define clearly, but ‘Nine’ kind of shows the old sound from the Britpop scene, and is a well made song that can gain sympathy from a whole generation. If [The Beginning] showed a beat centered sound with the American trend at the basis, [In Heaven] has a character capable of gripping domestic and Asian sentiment, emphasizing melodies. Their goal changed as they went through an ablum, but the quality is still high. The innate talent and musical instruments they have is unchanged, even though their target has changed.

I want to say JYJ’s new album is a ‘raw’ thing. The most honest stories and the most honest sounds of the members are realized in the album. In addition, their own songs, composed with understanding of various genres, are quite good in quality. Even though there are points lacking slightly in the overall composition of the album, I feel no need to mention it, since it is not about the quality of the music. Their musical ability is already beyond the highest level. The musical possibility that these men, JYJ who macthes with the term artist rather than idol, can show has just started.

Credit: With_Junsu

and this is the “IN HEAVEN” MV

with eng sub

credit the uploader

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[NEWS] FC MEN to Attend Kick-Off for Second Half of Season on 17th

doing his hobby plus making charity,

great job junsu \(^o^)/

2011 Peace Star Cup Will Select the Most Powerful of the Entertainer Soccer

The four teams – Miracle FC of soft charisma, the elite student-gentlemen FC Rivero, the unveiled FC MEN, and the sharp abilities-driven Super Stars – unfolded a remarkable series battle in the first half that could not be missed.

Currently FC MEN is #1, besting Miracle FC in goal scoring. Super Stars and FC Rivero follow. It has become known that all of the elite members including captain Kim junsu will attend for FC MEN in order to secure surely the win. The other teams are also having a sufficient rest and renewing their determination. As in the first half it will be a league of the four teams and the final winner will be selected by the battle between the top ranked teams of the first and second half of the league.

The relay-commenting by the comedians Park Sungkwang, Kim Kyungmin, and Ahn Ilkwon who had lifted the spirits with fun commentating in the tournaments of the first half of the league also makes one look forward to the tournament.

Peace Star Cup is the only entertainer soccer tournament in Korea and is hosted by the city of Suwon and Sunmoon Peace Soccer Foundation. It is the leader of “Sports-tainment” – the concept of entertainers doing good to society through soccer. It has prepared a variety of societal contribution events. This tournament is pushing for the corrective surgery for children with cross-eyes, sponsored by the sponsor Kim Ophthalmology Hospital.

Source: Sports World
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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[Video] JYJ – In Heaven 인 헤븐 MV [eng rom hangul karaoke sub]

I do really love this MV, some how wonder why they are never making this kind of MV until


but anyway so much ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  for this MV.

well done JYJ


and here’s the news

[News] [NEWS] Album Showcases Singer-Songwriter JYJ; “In Heaven” MV to Have 10-Minute Version


JYJ Creates a Storm of Popularity for Digital Music Without Broadcast. “Recognition as Singer-Songwriter”

Group JYJ’s first Korean language album In Heaven is receiving a heated response despite the lack of any particular broadcast related to music.

As soon as all of the songs of In Heaven were released on the midnight of the 15th, all of them ranked highly on the charts.

An affiliate of the JYJ’s record relayed his thoughts: “We are surprised at the tremendous response as compared to only having concentrated on performing and not doing any broadcast activities including appearing on music programs. It seems that the public has been awaiting for JYJ to release a domestic album to this degree.”

The biggest particularity of this album by JYJ is that it is made up of the self-created songs by the members. The affiliate revealed: “Through this album JYJ tried to prove their abilities as singer-songwriters and also their niche unique to them through the harmony that blends the attractive vocals of the three members.”

JYJ explained their current album: “We feel that it would be good for you to think of it as an “autumn love song”, JYJ version. Our work centered around the songs that had poetic melodies and lyrics that stood out.”

They added: “We wanted to gift a good memory for the many of you who are always by our side waiting for our music.” JYJ is expressing a special affection for the fans through Boy’s Letter and You’re.

On the other hand, the music video for In Heaven with Kim Junsu and actress Song Jihyo was released along with the release of the digital music. This music video which is filled with the ardent acting by Kim Junsu and Song Jihyo and beautiful scenes plans to showcase in the future the “full video” which is a 10-minute version.

Translation CreditJYJ3

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[Trans] Actress Kim Jung Eun’s narration for JYJ’s new album title song ‘In Heaven’

*somehow I sense that Kim Jung Eun is Junsu’s bias*


or maybe not :p

Actress Kim Jung Eun’s narration for JYJ’s new album title song ‘In Heaven’

Actress Kim Jung Eun participated in JYJ’s title song ‘In Heaven’ for their first Korean album. ‘In Heaven’ is a song written by Kim Jaejoong from JYJ, and a short narration saying ‘I love you’ was inserted at the beginning of the song. Kim Jaejoong asked the company for an actress with a nice voice, saying even though it is a short narration, enough emotion should be expressed. C-jes entertainment said “While searching for an actress due to Kim Jaejoong’s request, Kim Jung Eun gladly accepted the part. All three members were very happy, and was so thankful.” on the phone with <10 Asia>.

In addition, C-jes entertainment also said “Kim Jaejoong wanted Yoochun or Junsu to show on the music video of his own song, rather than acting himself. It was decided with all three members’ agrrement, considering the synopsis and the character,” about Kim Junsu’s appearance on the music video of ‘In Heaven.’ Even though Kim Junsu never tried traditional acting for a drama or a movie, he continued studying acting while performing in <Mozart!> and <Tears of Heaven>. Kim Junsu starred in the music video with actress Song Ji Hyo as lovers, and it is said that he recieved good comments at the set. The full music video of JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’ is going to be released on the 15th.

original source:

translated by With Junsu

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[Video] JYJ Do It Now TV CF!!

because I like the ad

┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘〜♪〜♪ ~

normal or tv version

the translation for the video above :

Campaign to Protect Personal Information

[Change into a Hairstyle that Goes with the Outfit]

[Change into a Healthy Lifestyle for the sake of Health]

[Change into the smart device that is of the Latest Trend]

Yoochun: You want me to change my password again? Arg, so annoyed.

Jaejoong + Junsu: 0, 0, 7, 0!

Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu: Yow!!

Yoochun: What? How did you know (my password)?

Junsu: For years you’re using 0070.

Yoochun: I should change it.

Jaejoong: Change it into what?

Yoochun: Move over!

Yoochun: The thing you must change is your password for the internet!

Junsu: Take care of your unused ID’s!

Jaejoong: As for your using the social security number, switch to using the i-PIN numbers!

Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu: With JYJ, change it now!

Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu: Do it now!

for cinema version

and the making

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[TRANS] 110907 JYJ “In Heaven” – Kim Junsu & Song Ji Hyo Play Lovers

In the early morning of 6 September,JYJ’s management company uploaded the MV teaser for “In Heaven” on their website, and expressed hope that “fans would be able to support and enjoy the sad story and beautiful movie-concept MV”

In the teaser MV, actress Song Ji Hyo and JYJ member Kim Junsu played a pair of lovers, and included scenes of the two riding bicycles, enjoying wine and sweet scenes of Song Ji Hyo being touched by a surprise that Junsu prepared. However, the later part of the MV showed scenes of Song Ji Hyo walking alone and crying, a tragic atmosphere. Kim Junsu appeared in one place, but Song Ji Hyo was at another location, and the two were unable to meet.

Many fans left messages saying “Just looking at the teaser MV raises the anticipation,” “Kim Junsu and Song Ji Hyo’s acting is pretty good,” “JYJ’s MV feels like a movie” and other passionate responses.

Also, “In Heaven” has been performed several times in the JYJ concerts both locally and overseas, and is well loved bythe fans. Written and composed by Kim Jaejoong, this is a sad love song with a rock ballad feel, and JYJ’s unique vocals add to the charm of the song.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TVDaily]

Translated & Shared by :

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[NEWS] 110909 JYJ’s Kim Junsu gives a house for Chuseok

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su gave a big present for Chuseok.

On the 7th, the ADRA Korea (Adventist Development and Relief Agency Korea) presented a new house to a needy elderly woman. Kim sponsored the house build. ADRA Korea builds houses for the needy and this house is the sixth so far.

The house meant even more because it was given just prior to Korea’s biggest holiday Chuseok.

The old lady lives with her grandson and lost her previous house due to fire in October last year.

Since then she has, with neighbors’ help, been living at the town meeting hall. When Kim and ADRA Korea heard her story, they decided to build a house for her.

The house is a comfortable and cozy wooden building which includes kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Over seventy volunteer workers helped to build the house.

Kim has been donating to ADRA Korea since 2008, and the donations help continue the building service. Many people who need a house can start a new life with a new house thanks to the charity.

Source: OSEN
Shared by: JYJ3

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