[INFO] JYJ’s Kim Junsu mentioned on website!

03 Sep

\(^o^)/ Kim Junsu mentioned on website!  ƪ(♥▿♥)ʃ

Kim Junsu (JYJ):  “You Are So Beautiful” (No. 18)

Kim Junsu, member of JYJ, has become one of Korea’s “king of ballads” with his solo track on the OST for the hit SBS TV series “Scent of a Woman.”  With his sweet vocals, Kim Junsu has successfully crossed genres from dance music over to ballads.  In “You Are So Beautiful,” he sings about the sad love of a man who can only helplessly watch as his terminally ill lover wastes away.  The first line of this pop ballad goes, “Please do not forget the memories you made with me,” and speaks to the tragic emotion contained within this song.  Kim Junsu also played a major role in five episodes of “Scent of a Woman,” adding another dimension to his already successful career

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