[NEWS] 110909 JYJ’s Kim Junsu gives a house for Chuseok

09 Sep

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su gave a big present for Chuseok.

On the 7th, the ADRA Korea (Adventist Development and Relief Agency Korea) presented a new house to a needy elderly woman. Kim sponsored the house build. ADRA Korea builds houses for the needy and this house is the sixth so far.

The house meant even more because it was given just prior to Korea’s biggest holiday Chuseok.

The old lady lives with her grandson and lost her previous house due to fire in October last year.

Since then she has, with neighbors’ help, been living at the town meeting hall. When Kim and ADRA Korea heard her story, they decided to build a house for her.

The house is a comfortable and cozy wooden building which includes kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Over seventy volunteer workers helped to build the house.

Kim has been donating to ADRA Korea since 2008, and the donations help continue the building service. Many people who need a house can start a new life with a new house thanks to the charity.

Source: OSEN
Shared by: JYJ3

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