[TRANS] 110907 JYJ “In Heaven” – Kim Junsu & Song Ji Hyo Play Lovers

09 Sep

In the early morning of 6 September,JYJ’s management company uploaded the MV teaser for “In Heaven” on their website, and expressed hope that “fans would be able to support and enjoy the sad story and beautiful movie-concept MV”

In the teaser MV, actress Song Ji Hyo and JYJ member Kim Junsu played a pair of lovers, and included scenes of the two riding bicycles, enjoying wine and sweet scenes of Song Ji Hyo being touched by a surprise that Junsu prepared. However, the later part of the MV showed scenes of Song Ji Hyo walking alone and crying, a tragic atmosphere. Kim Junsu appeared in one place, but Song Ji Hyo was at another location, and the two were unable to meet.

Many fans left messages saying “Just looking at the teaser MV raises the anticipation,” “Kim Junsu and Song Ji Hyo’s acting is pretty good,” “JYJ’s MV feels like a movie” and other passionate responses.

Also, “In Heaven” has been performed several times in the JYJ concerts both locally and overseas, and is well loved bythe fans. Written and composed by Kim Jaejoong, this is a sad love song with a rock ballad feel, and JYJ’s unique vocals add to the charm of the song.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + TVDaily]

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