[TRANS] 110909 Post Of JYJ Tweets

09 Sep

when we think he might be too lazy to tweet, 

BANG!!!! he in his best shape  


And I’m pretty sure you’ve asked this question before sweetie and she said any date is fine =__=
(Jung Youn Zoo, 11:27am KST) @0101xiahtic Kwahaha Don’t just collect soccer cleats, work hard on your soccer skills too. There, there, right there. You can wear those white ones on the top shelf and come see Toxic (T/N: Musical ‘Toxic Hero’) kekeke
(Junsu, 2:51pm KST) @Zoozooba40 When should I go??^^

Oh my lord *facepalm*
(Ha Ha, 5:14pm KST, 110908) I’m just going to put it out there and promote myself!^^ I’m releasing an album for the first time in four years! I’m releasing “Rosa” on September 14th! I’ve made a teaser with a new song as the introductory music! Say~~~!!!! Please watch it and RT!!
(Ha Ha, 11:29pm KST) @0101xiahtic Junsu, why won’t you RT my tweet? I RTed yours!! kekekekekeke
(Junsu, 3:04pm KST) @Quanninomarley What does RT mean??^^
(Ha Ha, 5:18pm KST) @0101xiahtic It’s nothing Junsu.. hahahaha I see you’re still bright!! As always! keke
(Junsu, 6:22pm KST) @Quanninomarley Hyung, we should get together sometime~^^

Kim brothers♥
(Junho, 3:00pm KST) @0101xiahtic I checked my Twitter account in Japan for the first time in a while since visiting China and what are all these soccer cleats.. And you used to go off on me for buying soccer cleats without you..!! Please tell me that half of these are mine (T^T) Or I’ll go to Korea and throw them away behind your back!! lol
(Junsu, 3:58pm KST) @JUNO_Japan Sorry.. They’re all in my size…

More Kim brother lovin’~ How adorable are they 🙂
(Junho, 3:43pm KST) I must really love my younger brother.. In order to create my own picture to explain what RT is to my brother, I’ve searched everywhere online for a very nice picture of an egg and a t-shirt (T/N: In Korean RT is written as ‘알티’ and ‘알’ is egg while ‘티’ is the shortened form of t-shirt)… Don’t thank me too much.. Because that would put too much pressure on me.. I’m your older brother, so you don’t have to be so grateful~ I’m going to go take part in a photoshoot now (^O^☆♪
(Junsu, 3:59pm KST) @JUNO_Japan kekeke Love me more
(Junho, 4:05pm KST) @0101xiahtic How much more love do you want from me!!!!! Your reply doesn’t even exceed one line…( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
(Junsu, 4:10pm KST) More, more, more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the craziness begins 😛
(Junsu, 4:03pm KST) But I kind of have a problem with the fact that every word, even the most useless ones, is being shortened these days in Korea.. It’s so hard to catch up to the current generation.. ㅜ
(k20040214, 4:05pm KST) @0101xiahtic Xiah Junsu, do you know what ‘Soren’ is?
(Michasha, 4:05pm KST) @k22040214 …What’s Soren? @0101xiahtic
(Junsu, 4:06pm KST) @michasha1020 Soren?
(Junsu, 4:07pm KST) @michasha1020 Is it the shortened form of Sorenstam..?
(T/N: In case anyone’s curious, ‘Soren(소렌)’ is the shortened form of ‘Soft (Contact) Lense’)

These are… odd, but I’ve heard them before
(JYJzzz_U, 4:05pm KST) Ppaba Paema Beoka Beochoong Seubeok, you don’t know what any of these mean? kekekekekekekeke
(Junsu, 4:07pm KST) @JYJzzz_U I don’t know what any of those mean…
(T/N: 빠바, 패마, 버카, 버충, 스벅 mean Paris Baguette, Family Mart, Bus Card, Charge Bus Card, Starbucks)

Mmm this reminds me of the Mr. Pizza Secret Garden pizza I shared with my mom yesterday 😀
(Pink Botoo, 4:06pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic keke Oppa, do you know what Mipi stands for???? …………………………………………. (Mr. Pizza)
(Junsu, 4:12pm KST) So you’re saying that if you said Mipi to kids these days, they would know you were talking about Mr. Pizza…? Psh, you lie…!

Lol wise words from both Kims X)
(Junho, 4:11pm KST) You’re directing that statement at me, aren’t you?? keke It’s hard for me too.. But the words you’re saying shouldn’t really be coming out of the mouth of a guy in his twenties…^^ “@0101xiahtic: But I kind of have a problem with the fact that every word, even the most useless ones, is being shortened these days in Korea.. It’s so hard to catch up to the current generation.. ㅜ”
(Junsu, 4:13pm KST) @JUNO_Japan Actually, I haven’t liked shortening words… from quite a while back… ㅜ

He got one right! *throws confetti*
(Xiah_Boonong, 4:11pm KST) @0101xiahtic Oppa, what about ChiMaek?????
(Junsu, 4:14pm KST) @Xiah_Boonong Chicken and beer???

Ah yes, I bet the creator of the Korean language is rolling over in his grave as you speak… er, tweet
(Junsu, 4:17pm KST) Great King Sejong…….. I’m sorry ㅜ

Go be Zergs everyone~
(go_go_onair, 4:19pm KST)
 @0101xiahtic Oppa, please tell me what you use in StarCraft!!!
(Junsu, 4:20pm KST) @go_go_onair Zerg

Source: [Junsu+Others’ Twitter]

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