[NEWS] 110927 Junsu Speaks About Soccer and JYJ

27 Sep

Reporter Jung Ha-youn of MBC Sports recently secured an interview with one of the JYJ trio,Kim Junsu.

Junsu epitomizes the adage “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, as he has managed to deliver excellent performances both on stage and on the soccer field. Junsu is a well known player for and director of celebrity soccer club F.C. Men, and has also earned MVP honors during their last tournament. At the same time, with the recent release of their first Korean album, In Heaven, promotions are at an all time high and it is no mean feat to balance the two. However, Junsu claims that, since he loves both aspects of his life, he is able to deliver that powerful performance in both fields. He also thanked his fans for their constant support and cheers.

Check out the complete conversation below.

Jung Ha-youn, Reporter: Let us now meet with F.C. Men’s director, Kim Junsu. Hello!

Kim Junsu: Hello!

Reporter: F.C. Men finished the first round of the tournament [Peace Star Cup 2011; the first round occurred in May – ed.] ranked #1. What are your outlooks for the second round?

Junsu: It’s difficult for us to project at the moment. We just plan to play as hard as we did last round.

Reporter: Last round, you scored a goal and earned MVP honors. What are your personal goals for the second round?

Junsu: I want to be able to play in all of our games. Last round, I was disappointed because I could only play in one game; this time, I hope our schedule works out so that I can play in all three matches. I’d be content with just that.

Reporter: Recently, you released a new album – JYJ’s In Heaven is garnering immense popularity right now. The songs are really great!

Junsu: Thank you.

Reporter: Isn’t it difficult for you physically to play soccer while also promoting your album?

Junsu: Of course, when the promotional activities start in earnest, it’ll be more difficult to play. But it’s something that I love, so I’m always trying to be able to do both.

Reporter: Many fans from both Korea and Japan have attended today’s game to root for you. A word for them?

Junsu: First of all, I feel somewhat bad for making my fans come all the way to a soccer field. But I’m grateful that they have come to root for me, and I’ll try my best to play hard and not get hurt. Thank you.

Reporter: Thoughts or resolutions going into the game?

Junsu: All of us playing today are entertainers… so I want us to play safe and play fair, and just have a great game.

Reporter: Hoping for a good match today.

Junsu: Sure. Thank you!

Reporter: That was Kim Junsu, director of FC Men.

Sources: HEAVENJYJ via YouTube (video), soeullee and allkpop (pictures).

Credit: hellokpop
Shared by: JYJ3

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