[TRANS] 111004 JYJ’s Delightful Chat, “We Don’t Talk About Girls When The Three Of Us Get Together” (via dongbangdata)

08 Oct

“They say that three women make a market, so what do three men make?’

Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) are quite delightful. No, they seem close.

On the 30th, an interview with JYJ was held at a cafe in Jongro, Seoul. This was an interview to commemorate the release of their first Korean special album ‘In Heaven’.

During the entire interview, JYJ showed off perfect chemistry between the members. They would become serious when they talked about music and acting but would lighten the mood with a few casual jokes here and there.

“What do we talk about when the three of us get together? Ah, now that I think about it, we don’t talk about girls. Usually, when guys get together, they talk about girls, but the three of us don’t. At least, not as much as people think we do. Haha.” (Yoochun)

“When the three of us get together… we say, ‘What have you been up to?’, ‘What are you doing after this?’ and ‘Let’s go for a drink.’” (Jaejoong)

“And Junsu will say, “I won’t. I have to play soccer.’ Junsu, who’s the captain of FC MEN, keeps asking me to come out and play a match. Because of Junsu, our fansites have become sports sites.” (Yoochun)

“We’re opening a solo concert in Spain soon, and we’re really excited. I plan to go watch some soccer matches when we get to Spain.” (Junsu)

Regarding plans for his future activities, Jaejoong, who recently wrapped up his role in the drama ‘Protect the Boss’, said, “I’m planning on tormenting Yoochun and Junsu now,” and showed his affection for his members.

Jaejoong said, “Since becoming independent from SM, I think we’ve grown as artistes and actors. What’s grown the most is the hearts of the members. Our thoughts have changed a lot as we became adults.

Junsu also said, “It’s a great deal of pressure to think about starting with a new beginning, but whenever I think about that, I feel glad that I have the other members with me. Because I know how hard we work for each other, and to create a great picture with trust alone,” and “I want to be able to smile in the future and say, ‘Those were some great memories. We’ve grown so much.’

Meanwhile, as soon as the songs of JYJ’s first Korean album ‘In Heaven’ was released, they topped various online charts and with all 150,000 copies of the first press release albums sold domestically, JYJ are showing their power.

JYJ will hold their Europe tour in Barcelona, Spain on the 29th of this month and in Berlin, Germany on the 6th of November.

Source: [Asia Today]

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