[Fancam] Final Peace Soccer game FC MEN vs FC Miracle 20111019

24 Oct


though the other member did the same, but wihen junsu doing it, it feel different.  ƪ(♥▿♥)ʃ

credit : 

credit : 

the game it self was pretty intense, because the first half FC Men was lost 1-3  (´・_・`)!

credit : 

credit : 

but finally the second half they’re able to turn the table with : 3-0

he made a goal , yeay  \(´▽`)/

credit : 

credit : 

and the other 2 goals made by his friends

credit : 

credit : 

♬ finally they Win, FC MEN WON. ♬


final score was 4-3 for FC Men

credit : 

credit : 

hope next year he will play again and being the winner again. 



pictures again……… 

click thi link : 

click this link too : super HQ :  sarakxiah


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