[Vid] 111022 Junsu refusing to do Angel Xiah

27 Oct

this is really cute, wondering if he lost  on purpose LoL


Junsu: Because in this place, really, there are other people except fans.. Really, I can’t do it! passing by..they can curse me…Ah, really(waving hand) I can’t do it today, really. I’ll upload it on the Twitter later. (Fans chanting: Show us, show us!)

Yoochun: But..if there are only fans here, it’ll be ok but there are other people here too so..we need to see it even more, don’t we? Then if you win rock-paper-scissors with me, you don’t need to do it.
Junsu: Ok, ok
Yoochun: So if you win me, you’re not doing it.
Junsu: (If I win) It’s a revelation of God
Yoochun: I’ll show paper
Junsu: …..ok, you show paper
Yoochun: He’ll lose on purpose for the fans, cool guy Junsu

(Yoochun laughing, Junsu pointing at Yoochun and laughing)

Yoochun: Ok then I’ll show something else. I won’t tell, and just show anything else. Rock-paper-scissors!

(Junsu lost)

Junsu: Ah..
Yoochun: But well, I also think it’s not appropriate for thie place..Junsu might hit me when we get back to our car
Junsu: That, ahh..
Yoochun: Can’t do anything about it
Junsu: I think I’ll get anti-fans..a non-fan might say I pretended to be cute..

(Junsu keep watching Yoochun, smiling, then nodding)

Yoochun: That..seems to be difficult..(showing Angel Xiah) Sorry everyone
Junsu: You should consider what kind of place this is (the fansign event was held at a open space) it’s too open looks like there are some men here. Really, they might start cursing

Via: on Youtube
Translated by withjunsu

other similar fancam is more HQ 
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and finally since he lost… he should fulfill fans demand. poor junsu. ^^
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