[Twitter] Junsu’s update his twitter Oct 29 & 30, 2011 and updates again

01 Nov


the 29th

he kept his promise to his fans, LoL


천사시아..여깄다..ㅜ on Twitpic

the 30th
because he’s in a very good mood, taking a lot of great pictures and shares with fans. XD

(Junsu, 1:36am KST) Nice and cozy.. we’re sightseeing^^ The wind…. feels great

오순도순..관광중^^바람.....좋다 on Twitpic

(Junsu, 2:09am KST) Yo~ A photo with a concept One 

요~컨셉사진 One on Twitpic

(Junsu, 2:17am KST) A photo with a concept~ two keke 

컨셉사진~twoㅋㅋ on Twitpic

(Junsu, 2:23am KST) I look like I’m in a good mood.. heehee Look at my right hand lol

기분좋아보이는 나..히히  오른손 봐봐ㅋ on Twitpic

(Junsu, 1:54am KST) It’s what I like seeing.. a sunset..^^ 

내가좋아하는..노을이다..^^ on Twitpic

(Junsu, 2:48am KST) Goodnight~ guys!

잘자~얘들아! on Twitpic

full translation can read it from 

via dongbangdata

[TRANS] 111030 Post Of JYJ Tweets

another twits, convo with his soccer mates

via dongbangdata

[TRANS] 111031-111101 Post Of JYJ Tweets

and at 1 Nov 2011
the first thing
@0101xiahtic does when arrived at berlin airport is twitting
to let his fans know JYJ has safely landed

베를린 도착~좋다..시원해 on Twitpic[TRANS] Arrival in Berlin~ Good.. So cool

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