[VID+TRANS] 111105 JYJ Berlin Concert Press Conference

05 Nov

111105 JYJ Berlin Concert Press Conference

Junsu:..we came to Europe. Last week, in Barcelona Spain, we had our first exculsive concert, and we’re here in Berlin today, since we’re planning to have another concert this Sunday..

Jaejoong:..thank you for your unexpected attention, and I think it was a great opporunity, a driving force for us, JYJ, to improve more in the future..

Yoochun: Every time when we visit different places, we feel new about ‘there are fans who are supporing us’, and in a way it is amazing and very thankful. The happiness of meeting many poeple while we travel various countries with a purpose of challenge.

Junsu: We’re making an effort to the extent that isn’t too difficult.

Q. There is a significance as the first K-POP performance in Berlin. In that point of view, please tell us your future plans or concert schedules targeting the European market.
Jaejoong: To be honest, I think we don’t have the traditional characteristic of K-POP. I think it’s just that as manias of the music we do in Korea-who love our JYJ-ish, JYJ-like music and performance-increased, the K-POP wave was formed. (about people who loves JYJ’s music)

Junsu: We chose Spain, which can embrace Western Europe, and Berlin, which can embrace Eastern, Northern Europe, a place where fans can gather easily. There isn’t a speical reason. Instead, if we succeed in making a great stage, and recieve favorable responses, I think we’ll have more chances to meet European fans in other countries and cities in the future.

Junsu: If there is a distiction between, for example a huge entertainment company’s planned concert, and ours, I think we have competitiveness in an aspect of the diversity of genre and the possibility of storytelling. We should work hard in the first place to be a team that people can sincerely like, not only by words. We will keep making an effor to become a team like that.

(because the video was cut off, there are some ‘…’ parts, where the boys’ words were cut off too.)

                                                            Credit: EBAK+DNBN                                                              Translated by withjunsu


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[PICS] Press Conference in Berlin [with junsu]


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