[VIDEO] 111116 JYJ and Song Ji Hyo at MEST Conference

16 Nov

another ambassador thingty for JYJ:

[NEWS] JYJ and Song Jihyo Appointed as Online Ambassadors of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

On the morning of the 16th, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will appoint the group JYJ and Song Jihyo as its online ambassadors to promote the improvement of the online culture of the youth.

Artists and actors JYJ are Korean Wave stars who have successfully finished a concert in Europe recently and is gaining popularity from the youth and students with a friendly image.

Song Jihyo is appearing on the MBCTV drama Kyebaeck and SBSTV’s Running Man and is beloved among the students and the youth due the honest and diligent image.

Lee Juho, the minister, had high anticipations: “JYJ and Song Jihyo who have been appointed as the online ambassadors are very active in their own fields and have much interest in educational giving and is popular among the youth and the students and so their appointment will be a great help in adding vitality to the communication between the Ministry and the youth.”

Further, he relayed: “I give my thanks to JYJ and Song Jihyo who are participating as the online ambassadors in the form of educational giving without compensation. Their activity will be a good model for the vitality of the act of educational giving.”

The ministry plans to produce a “commonality” song that the public can easily sing along to as a part of the “creating a school without violence and [purposeful/bullying] exclusion” with JYJ and Song Jihyo. JYJ and Song Jihyo will produce a song with lyrics selected through an online contest (theme: school without purposeful/bullying exclusion) and will come to distribute among the students starting end of this month.

Along with this, they will continuously communicate messages of optimism that the students and youth will identify with via Twitter and such SNS relating to the major policies promoted by the ministry.

Source: Newsis
Translation Credit: JYJ3
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another translation of the news relates with this :


[NEWS] JYJ & Song Ji Hyo Appointed As Online PR Ambassadors For Education Ministry

And HERE are the Videos : 

[VIDEO] 111116 JYJ and Song Ji Hyo at MEST Conference

credit : STAR and the uploader 

and ofcourse the picturessssssssss

and moreeeeeeeeeeee in here :




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