01 Dec



because today we have the most and many twitted from junsu, 

start wit the simple twit about december, 

and hwalaaaa… and on and on and on

because of this simple twit of pic :

@0101xiahtic : I have no idea…that it is already December

몰랐네...어느새 12월이구나... on Twitpic

and from here, @0101xiahtic answering many twitting from others : 


[TRANS] Kim Junsoo & Beyondmonica

JS: I have no idea…that it is already December…

JE: Welcome.^^ How was it. about the stone? he

JS: kk I can’t find it

JE: kkk Hawaii, a place with no Basalt. kk By the way, your photo really turned out cool! he

JS: There is no stone that is pretty as you

JE: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk This man kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk please just scold at me. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ kk


[TRANS] Kim Junsoo & Yoon Dujun

JS: I have no idea…that it is already December…

DJ: Wow Where is the place in the photo?

JS: It’s Hawaii!! You were back from Singapore well, right??

DJ: Wow…….I was back here well and this Sunday will go to England……ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Hyung, I want to play a soccer…

JS: You’re much busy too..k

DJ: kkk…It’s also good to be busy….Hyung, be strong!!

JS: You too, always be strong~^^

third :

[TRANS] Kim Junsoo & Min Youngki

JS: I have no idea…that it is already December…

YK: I know, it’s already December. And now we are gonna meet for Elisabeth soon!!!!!!!

JS: Yes sir~^^ FIGHTING!

last but surely not least

[TRANS] KIM Twin’s conversation

JS: I have no idea…that it is already December…

JH: And now it will be 2012 soon~ In shortly!!^^ so please buy my carlendar to celebrate it~~kkk

JS: I know~!! k Well, how to buy it?

JH: Really??? kk So go prepare your money~ I will bring you when I go to Korea~ Is 100pieces enough?? Tell me if you want more~~♪(´ε` ) kkkkkk

JH: I want to play soccer too…What if you don’t have it for a long time, you will lack of energy and can’t even run, won’t it?..(⌒-⌒; ) (T/N when dujun tells junsoo he needs to play a soccer)

JS: It might be, but you have an exercise everyday hyung~

JH: Anyway, beware of a fever!! I catch a cold now and it’s hard for me!! I will finish recoding soon, will call you later~

JS: um~


from twiter

what I can say is, everybody missed Junsu


Monica was right : Junsu’s pic is cool, he is the master of sunset’s pic though

I made this as my wally now


he add moreeee….twits…. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

he still jetlag. poor baby S2

@0101xiahtic: I already woke up from my sleep.. Hmm.. Is it because of the time difference..?ㅠㅠ

@0101xiahtic: Actually I don’t even know if I only just woke up.. Or if it’s already been an hourㅠ

Min Young Ki replied him (well many people missed him though)

@Poimin73  Oh my !!!!!! Lay down and try to sleep more!!!! Xiahtod!!!!!!!!!!

credit : [Twitter] 111201-02 Junsu Twitter Update (WITHJUNSU)

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