[TRANS] Junsu’s GQ Interview in a book ‘A Sentence of My Soul

01 Dec

[TRANS] Junsu’s GQ Interview in a book ‘A Sentence of My Soul

( I always admire junsu’s thoughts, it has a deep meaning in every simple sentence he made)

part I :

A free writer Kim Ji-eun put a part of Junsu’s GQ interview in a book called ‘A Sentence of My Soul, Sentence(내 영혼의 한 문장 센텐스),’ which was published in March, 2010.
It’s a book that contains sentences that fascinated 60 readers!

(a part extracted)

“Xiah Junsu, a talented vocal of TVXQ, who admits himself that he is an idol, and believes that he can change the prejudiced perception of idols through his endeavors.”

There is an aura and dignity to a person. An idol is a person too.

No matter how much the company packages him and controls his words, it is impossible to make up a person’s aura.

Because they are also human, I don’t want to look down on the efforts they must have made to achieve the voice, sensibility, style, neatness and aura they have.

I admire them, those who have accomplished more things than I did when they are so much younger than me.

Source: 내 영혼의 한 문장 센텐스, DC TVXQ Gall
Translation by: WithJunsu

part II :

A book titled “The Sentence: A Sentence of My Soul” was published in March, 2010. 61 contributors who are celebrities or leaders in their respective careers introduce sentences from the book that fascinated and transformed their lives.
In this book, a writer Kim Jieun quoted Junsu’s interview from 2009 with the magazine GQ.

This is the part of the interview that was quoted in the book:

Q: Do you have a sense of identity that you’re an idol?
A: I do. But the judgment is up to the general public. And I’ve come too far to change that. Being an idol is not a bad thing. But Korea has negative views [T/N: Verbatim translation is “mind”] of idols.

Q: Why is that?
A: I don’t know. Justin Timberlake and Beyonce are idols, but I don’t think they don’t have talent. But idols in our country are considered lacking talent. Since the general public’s eyes on idols are negative, many groups try not to aim to idols and try to appear as ‘artists’.

Q: How about TVXQ?
A: If I’m allowed to hope for more [T/N: verbatim translation is “If I can be greedy”] I want to change the images of idols, not the fact that TVXQ are idols. I want to shatter prejudices that idols have no talent. TVXQ are idols.

SourceDC TVXQ Gall
Excerpted from: 내 영혼의 한 문장 센텐스 by @mmjeje
Translation by: JYJ3

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