[TRANS] 111211 2011 Xiahday – The “Test” Especially Made for Junsu

16 Dec

I don’t have much time, so I just linked these topics. kkkkk.

too lazy to repost, it’s midnight when I made this post. :p

[TRANS] 111211 2011 Xiahday – Part 3.2: The “Test” Especially Made for Junsu

[TRANS] 111211 2011 Xiahday – Part 3.1: The “Test” Especially Made for Junsu

[TRANS] 2011 Xiahday, Part 6 – Five-syllable Talk From Xiahday Event

those were very funny,

Xiahday’s team is awesome

they able to make this event success in every Xiahday

It said that :

1500 fans attended this event, including fans who flew in from Japan and China.

more pics  on JYJ3

[PICS] 111211 2011 Xiahday – Part 4: The Event

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