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[VID] 120130 Junsu: Elisabeth Open Rehearsal [Vid] 120130 JYJ featured on Peruvian TV


[VIDEO] 120130 Junsu: Elisabeth Open Rehearsal – Part 3


via JYJ3 Credit: thehankookilbo

[Vid] 120130 JYJ featured on Peruvian TV


via : SYC credit: JjYcJs1


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[NEWS] 120129 JYJ Kim Junsu “The Scariest Thing in the First South America Concert is..”

[NEWS] 120129 JYJ Kim Junsu “The Scariest Thing in the First South America Concert is..”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu conveyed his anticipation for the upcoming March concerts in Peru and Chile.

During a recent meeting with reporters, Junsu said, “It has been five years since I last went to the South America continent after shooting a commercial in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2007. I stayed for about four to five days at that time and I did not have a chance to see many things so I was unsatisfied.” He also mentioned, “This time, I will be together with passionate people in a new environment. I have the greatest anticipation towards the concerts this time.”

In particular, he has recently returned to South Korea after the completion of JYJ’s concert in Spain. Chile, Peru and Spain share a similar culture and use Spanish so his anticipation increases since he is able to personally experience the fans’ passion again. The fans’ looks when they were enjoying the concert together with him moved Junsu more than when the fans were just simply appreciating it.

“If there is one thing that scares me, it is the flight time. Previously when I was traveling to Brazil, it took more than 15 hours via Paris, France. This time, it will take longer than that,” Junsu said with a long sigh.

He continued, “You will be able to see the most perfect concert in South America as we will be making it like it is the last JYJ’s world tour.” He also promised that he would visit the fans in Latin America such as Brazil and Mexico someday.

Meanwhile, JYJ will be holding their solo concerts in Chile on March 9 and Peru on March 11 and Junsu’s musical “Elisabeth” will start from February 9.

Credit: mk via nate
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.

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[Trans] 120130 [Trans] Kim Junsu’s Exclusive Interview: It’s Really Crazy To Be Compared With Cho Seung Woo Hyung‏

[Trans] 120130 [Trans] Kim Junsu’s Exclusive Interview: It’s Really Crazy To Be Compared With Cho Seung Woo Hyung‏

[Musical Elisabeth’s Lead Kim Junsu]

To compare me, who has only participated in three works, with the best senior…

Due to the pressure received for being an idol and overcame it in debut work, ‘Mozart’.

If were to reborn, I would not be an artiste.

During the later half of 2009, musical ‘Mozart’ production team’s EMK musical company had the last contractual discussion with TVXQ member Xiah Junsu. Xiah Junsu was the best as an idol singer but the experience for musical was naught. The performance fee that the company proposed was different from the request by Xiah Junsu’s representative. The 3000 seatings in Sejong Cultural Centre for the performance was considered to be a large hall. “The 3rd floor won’t be filled up anyway,” this was what the production company thought. The situation ended with Xiah Junsu’s representative’s , “Our Junsu can do it.”

“Our Junsu” made it. At the opening of ‘Mozart’ on January 2010, the crowd filled up the three floors of Sejong Cultural Centre. There were hundreds of Japanese middle-aged ladies who held the air ticket in one hand and the other hand holding onto to a binoculars, flying across the sea to see him. Xiah Junsu gained the title of ‘Running Guarantee’ (Performance fee received based on the tickets’s sales) with 30 million won fee. Last year, the online ticketing system crashed for his second work, ‘Tears of Heaven’ and the tickets were sold out within 5 minutes.

“Our Junsu” Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu) will be the male lead Tod for ‘Elisabeth’ that is opening next February 9th. When we met on the 27th in a cafe at Seoul’s Jeong-dong, Jong-gu, his seemingly thin frame made others curious about the charm that made his noona fans lost their mind over this 25 year-old young adult. He reached 8 minutes later of scheduled time and lowered his head, saying ‘sorry’. His sincerity about punctuality during the practice sessions was complimented by many.

– Your ticket selling power was compared with ‘Musical Sage’ Cho Seung Woo. How do you feel about it?

“It’s really crazy. Please don’t do this. Isn’t Seung Woo hyung the best in musical industry? Although I am thankful, it’s best not to compare with me who is only just about to start my 3rd musical work. If the comparison was made after I acted in more than ten musicals, probably I wouldn’t be wanting to hide away (like now).”

– When you debuted in musical, nobody expected Xiah Junsu to be such successful. Personally, what is the reason behind your success?

“When I received the musical proposal, I did not sleep well for a week. Because this is my first step after independency (from the previous company SM Entertainment), thus I was very troubled. I did heard of discrimination against idols in musical industry too. However, other than me myself, nobody can protect me. Moreover there’s no existence of protective barrier at all. I am very clear about it.”

– The part where you worked hard due to your status as an idol?

“Being an idol is a double-sided blade. Although you are able to easily attained the lead and received the limelight but there’s the enormous hinder. Due to the performance in musical and overcame the obstacle and learnt about life. ‘In this world, having a dream will need to accept the woes as well’, whenever I am listening to the songs in Mozart, I would cry a lot inside me. As an artiste and to face the public judgement, the pressure is huge, and he (musical/Mozart) speak it out for me.”

– Other than the songs in musical, there were a lot of elements added in, which is your favourite?

“When I first stood on the musical stage, I crazily felt that it’s embarrassing. After I have done it, the joy that it brought me was totally different from a concert. In the two hours on stage, I am not idol Xiah Junsu but as someone else. I like this point a lot.”

In July 2009, after the successful injunction filed by him and two other TVXQ members towards SM Entertainment due to unfair contract length and income etc, they emerged as JYJ. However after that, as singers, JYJ are unable to appear on national broadcasting companies. In the one hour, he has been friendly answering everything, however he paused for a while towards such an inquiry.

“One can’t live (in the past). Have to keep holding on and rough it out. I had the thinking that I have to work even harder. To be able to do what we want, I think this is the happiest to us (JYJ).”

– Many teens dreamt to be the next Xiah Junsu?

“I would not be an artiste in my next life. (He repeated this thrice) Of course as of now, I have no regrets in my life. It is very happy to receive love and concern. But after I passed the audition when I was 15, I have never been in my relaxed mode the minute I went out the door. I have never been to Lotte World either. Sometimes I do felt that I’ve wasted it. It is very tough to be receiving provoking comments from others too. However I have to admit that it’s normal to have losses in life and to understand the surroundings and into thankfulness.”

With regards to new work ‘Elisabeth’, “Working with (Ryu) Jung Han hyung who also acted as Tod, (Song) Chang ui and Kim Sun Young noona and Ock Joo Hyun noona who acted as Elisabeth, is the biggest subject (to learn).” “Recently I am only listening to music from musicals. I would like to try choosing works for small-scaled musicals.”

source: chosun
credit: freyazo
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

and of course picturessssss

from this interview


[Pic] 120130 Junsu in Interview (via SYC)

(Fotos) 29.01.12 Junsu – by Focus (via xiahxication)

(Fotos) 29.01.12 Junsu – by Focus (parte 2) (via xiahxication)

(Fotos) 30.01.12 Junsu en entrevista para Elizabeth (via xiahxication)

my opinion of this interview is

he done it well as always

he’s still shy and embarrassed as being compare with the seniors

and how the reporter give the opening review


“OUR JUNSU can do it”

this is going to be my new phrase from now on. ^^

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[Trans] 120129 Post Of JYJ Tweets

Dang, how much weight have you lost?? No me gusta :(
(Junsu, 8:03pm KST) It’s cold…

lol you’re bestowing him with such a great honor, Jun-chan XD
(Sung Kwang, 7:11pm KST) Today’s the day that our new (skit) corner begins airing on TV~~!!!!! Please watch Gag Concert!! hahaha Ah, I hope the viewers find it (the new skit) funny…. haha
(Junsu, 8:04pm KST) @skpark81 I’ll watch it lol

Source: [Junsu + Other’s  Twitter]
Translated & Shared by:

taken from SYC

btw just a note : Sung Kwang is a comedian and one of FC MEN’s member


I don’t know why people commented he’s too thin and bla bla bla

I think Junsu knows how to take care his body

from time to time he manages to have a healthy life,

I think he just want to show his V shape face

and to be honest I like his right cheek bone, so manly


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[Trans] 120123 Junsu Tweets

today (120123) is chinese new year


[Trans] 120123 Junsu Tweets

1215thexiahtic 김준수

새해 복 많이 받으세요~^^
Happy new year~^^
his mom tweeted too, yeay!!!
까치까치설날은~♬ 즐거운설날입니다^^ 여러분 ~ 떡국은드셨나요? 즐거운명절보내세요~♥ 너무많이먹구체하지않기^
New year eve~♬ an enjoyable new year^^ everyone~ have you eaten ricecake soup? Have an enjoyable festival~♥ Isn’t this a lot to eat~^.~
여러분도 부모님께 세배하셨나용^^? 세배하고 세뱃돈 두둑히 챙긴 우리아이들^^♥여러분도 새해복많이 받으세요♬
Has everyone did the saebat (ceremonial bow) to ur parents yet^^? Our children who collected their thick share of saebatton (money) after their bows ^^♥ everyone happy new year too! ♬
credit: zunoxiahmom
trans by: tohosomnia
taken from SYC
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[Trans] Junsu’s twitter update

[Trans] 120125 Junsu’s twitter update

Ahh … baby
@poimin73Min Young Ki
준수아빠!!!! 아이가 갖고싶다네요^^ 우리 아가 낳으면 한번 안아볼 기회를 주지 ㅋㅋ
@poimin73: junsu appa!!!! it looks like you want to have a baby ^^ if I have my baby, I’ll give you a chance to hold it ㅋㅋ
1215thexiahtic 김준수

@poimin73 악!!!!!!!
@1215thexiahtic: @poimin73 k!!!!!!!
well, actually, his friend min young ki revealed that the baby is a props for elisabets musical drama. LoL
@poimin73Min Young Ki
아가는 소품으로 쓰이는 아가 루돌프입니다
Rudolph the little baby is used as a prop
poimin73 Min Young Ki

아가태어나면 이렇게 찍어서 올려드릴께요^^
the new born baby, I will take care ^^
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[Vids] 120117 Junsu Elisabeth Musical Rehearsal Press Conference

[Vids] 120117 Junsu Elisabeth Musical Rehearsal Press Conference



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[Trans] 120117 Kim Junsu from JYJ, ‘Being In Elisabeth Was Decided Without Hesitation’

[Trans] 120117 Kim Junsu from JYJ, ‘Being In Elisabeth Was Decided Without Hesitation’


Feelings have emerged of JYJ Kim Junsu’s casting in the musical “Elisabeth”.

On the afternoon of January 17th in downtown Seoul at the Namusan Production Center, the rehearsal of the musical “Elisabeth” was released with Kim Junsu’s comment, “It is an honor to best cast in this musical with such amazing artists.”

Junsu commented, “Without even realizing, it has become my third time being cast in a musical. Still being in a position of having yet to learn, it is a great honor to be able to act amongst such great artists, and to be a part of the creation of this production. I think this will give me the opportunity to learn a lot from my seniors, and just the chance to appear in this production is an honor.”

Furthermore with Sylvester Levay as the music composer (also from the musical “Mozart”) Junsu decided to be in this production without hesitation. “I will work hard for the role I was entrusted with,” Junsu stated.

On another note, the musical “Elisabeth” depicts the dramatic life of Elisabeth, the empress of Austria. The musical will begin on February 9th at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall.

trans+shared by:

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[News] 120117 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su takes picture with Song Chang Ui

[News] 120117 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su takes picture with Song Chang Ui

On January 17, Kim Moon Jung, music director for Das Musical Elisabeth tweeted a picture with the comment, “Song and Kim, the two beautiful and sexy Todds together prior to releasing the practicing room. Kim Todd even has sexy nails. He is as beautiful and mysterious as his character in the musical. I’m depressed.”

In the picture, Kim and Song are posing intimately and look like they are real brothers. Kim is catching the public’s eyes with his black nails.

People responded: “Jun Su! Your nails! You look great with anything!” “Ahh! I can’t sleep tonight. You make my heart beat.”

Kim will start appearing in Das Musical Elisabeth on January 28 with Song, Ok Joo Hyun, and Kim Seung Tae.

source: TV Report

credit: en.korea

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[Pic] 120117 Junsu Elisabeth Musical Rehearsal Press Conference

finally able to recover from my sickness. :p

after a week fighting with my flu, now I will catch up with junsu’s news and pics.

sigh…. a very long long long back track :p


“XIAH TOD ELIZABETH pressconference”


[Pic] 120117 Junsu Elisabeth Musical Rehearsal Press Conference (via SYC)

[Pic] 120117 Junsu Elisabeth Musical Rehearsal Press Conference [DL Link] – (VIA SYC)

thanks to SYC, they have a complete collection of xiahtod presscon, yeay!!

my most favs are : ………

check out the cheek bone. ckckckckc…

the nails…the black nails, heard from twitter he painted the nails by himself. XD

the evil smirk…. hmmm… is evil this pretty? LoL


the veins…jus WoW!!


the stare, so intense ne?

with his best body Min Young Ki



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