[NEWS] 120129 JYJ Kim Junsu “The Scariest Thing in the First South America Concert is..”

30 Jan

[NEWS] 120129 JYJ Kim Junsu “The Scariest Thing in the First South America Concert is..”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu conveyed his anticipation for the upcoming March concerts in Peru and Chile.

During a recent meeting with reporters, Junsu said, “It has been five years since I last went to the South America continent after shooting a commercial in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2007. I stayed for about four to five days at that time and I did not have a chance to see many things so I was unsatisfied.” He also mentioned, “This time, I will be together with passionate people in a new environment. I have the greatest anticipation towards the concerts this time.”

In particular, he has recently returned to South Korea after the completion of JYJ’s concert in Spain. Chile, Peru and Spain share a similar culture and use Spanish so his anticipation increases since he is able to personally experience the fans’ passion again. The fans’ looks when they were enjoying the concert together with him moved Junsu more than when the fans were just simply appreciating it.

“If there is one thing that scares me, it is the flight time. Previously when I was traveling to Brazil, it took more than 15 hours via Paris, France. This time, it will take longer than that,” Junsu said with a long sigh.

He continued, “You will be able to see the most perfect concert in South America as we will be making it like it is the last JYJ’s world tour.” He also promised that he would visit the fans in Latin America such as Brazil and Mexico someday.

Meanwhile, JYJ will be holding their solo concerts in Chile on March 9 and Peru on March 11 and Junsu’s musical “Elisabeth” will start from February 9.

Credit: mk via nate
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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