[TWITTER] 120205 ❤ JYJ Love Fest – Part 1

08 Feb

[TWITTER] 120205 Jaejoong and Yoochun tweet up a storm ❤ (JYJ Love Fest Part 1)


[TWITTER] 120205 Junsu joins Yoochun and Jaejoong, endless tweets ensue ❤ (JYJ Love Fest Part 2)

start  with simple twit from jaejoong who twitting from Turkey

and then suddenly this become a mass twits from JYJ

well, I felt lucky because usualy I was rarely online, but when this happen I was online and I was feelling so close with those 3 dorks at that night. ❤


터키 좋다~~^^
Trans: Turkey is great~~^^

@mjjejeKim jae joong
터키 좋다~~^^
경험이 많아도 힘들수있다….단단하기때문에 무너질수있다….
Trans: Even if you have a lot of experience it can be hard….you can fall because you are too strong…

내가 그런가보다…
Trans: It seems as though that is what I am like


@6002theMicky 유천아 힘내~준구랑재즐형이 있잖아 ! 촬영 힘들겠지만 화이팅..!
Trans: Yoochun-ah, stay strong~Jungoo and JaeJeul hyung are here for you, right! Even though your filming must be difficult keep fighting..!

@mjjejeKim jae joong
@6002theMicky 유천아 힘내~준구랑재즐형이 있잖아 ! 촬영 힘들겠지만 화이팅..!


@mjjeje 술마셨어?? 사랑해~
Trans: Are you drinking? I love you~


@6002theMicky 여기 아직 6시인데 술은무슨~ 사랑혀~~그리고 힘냐~ 형 생일날 말한거 생각하면 좀 힘날껴^^
Trans: It’s only 6pm here right now so what alcohol would I drink~I love youuu~ Be strong~ Think of what I told you on my birthday and lift up your spirits^^


@beyondmonica 그래서 배운가??
Trans: Have I learned? [in reply to @Beyondmonica’s tweet:  That way seems to be the way to learn how to be stronger…]

@mjjeje 그때 우리 셋다~살짝 사랑스러웠지~
Trans: At that time the three of us~ were all quite loving right~

@PR_babe 모여~잘지내??
Trans: Yeah~ what’s up? [in reply to @PR_Babe’s tweet: Because you don’t want to crumble, if you intentionally not be strong more than withstanding it against your own will, you will unexpectedly do nothing. That’s how it is. :) ]

J.Y.J 화이팅!!!!
Trans: JYJ Fighting!!!

@PR_babe 모여~~~에고~
Trans: I~~~~understand~

재중이형 생일~그때의 대화는 비밀~
Trans: Jaejoong-ie hyung’s birthday~ Our conversation then is a secret~


@6002theMicky 이 사진 ㅎㅎ 너무 생생해 ㅎㅎ
Trans: That picture haha It’s too clear haha


@mjjeje 보고잡네~~~얼른한국으로돌아와~
Trans: I miss you~~ Come back to Korea quickly~



@6002theMicky ㅋㅋ유천아 머해??
Trans: keke, Yoochuh-ah what are you doing??

@mjjeje 뭔가재밌었지..유쾌하고ㅋ그나저나 터키는어때??
Trans: Something seemed so funny at that time…we were really happy keke By the way, how is Turkey now?

@beyondmonica 남자들만의..대화랄까..ㅎ
Trans: This is all male…dialogue..ha [in reply to @BeyondMonica’s Tweet: The three of you were talking for over an hour at that time…. ㅎㅎㅎ Just what could the three of you have been talking about ㅎㅎ]


@1215thexiahtic 터키 너무좋아 나중에 같이 가자!
Trans: Turkey is really nice, we should go together in the future!


@mjjeje 동유럽의 꽃이래ㅠ
Trans: it is called the Flower of East Europeㅠ


@6002theMicky 응 촬영장습격을 한번해야겠군!준구랑같이 갈게~
Trans: Ah, I think I will make a surprise visit to your filming set once! I’ll go to there along with Jungoo~


@1215thexiahtic 끄저
Trans: Get  out

@1215thexiahtic 준수야 나 오늘도 신호 준수했엉 사랑혀 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Trans: Junsu-yah. I observed the sign today as well. I love you hahahahahaha
(t/n: Yoochun made a name gag using Junsu’s name)


@1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky 그ㄸ대 사진다른컷으로 나도 가지고있어..ㅎ 우린 그날 위험했어 ㅎ
Trans: I have a different version of the picture from that night..ha We were being very dangerous that day ha


@mjjeje @6002theMicky 그날했던 모든 얘기는 다 비밀ㅋ
Trans: Everything we spoke of that day is top secret keke

@6002theMicky ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Trans: kekekekekekeke

@6002theMicky 넌 다좋은데 단점이있다면 안웃긴거같아…..ㅋㅋ
Trans: Though everything about you is great if I have to find one flaw it would be that you are really not funny…keke

@6002theMicky 니가나한테 못생긴게 단점이라는 영상은..지금봐도 치명적이야ㅠㅋ
Trans: That video where you said my weak point was being ugly…even looking at it now would kill meㅠㅋ


@1215thexiahtic 미안해 준수야 ….나는 이렇게 너를 못웃기고..나가 죽어야지…흑….
Trans: Sorry Junsu-yah…because I failed to make you laugh in this way…I should go out and die…huh


@1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky 준수한 외모의 유천이는 촬영장에 재중
Trans: Yoochun who has a handsome face stays in the center of the filming
(t/n: Jaejoong makes a name gag using all of their names (Junsu , Yoochun and Jaejoong’s names)

@6002theMicky @1215thexiahtic 유천이는 표정으로 웃겨줘야함~
Trans: Yoochun has to make us laugh using his facial expressions


@mjjeje @6002theMicky 와재밌다
Trans: Wah, that’s funny

@6002theMicky ㅋㅋㅋㅋ얘왜케웃기냐
Trans: kekeke, why is this boy so funny


배터리 없어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Trans: Battery is dying ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


터키 고양이~
Trans: Turkish cat~

터키 고양이의 근접사..아 지지 보고싶어졌다
Trans: A close-up of a Turkish cat…Ah I suddenly miss Jiji

Source: @mjjeje, 6002theMicky , 1215thexiahtic
Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3, @yookcheoni, @0101jyunshyu, @joejjang, euriel
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.

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