[TRANS] Musical from Vienna rocks South-Korea! (Junsu in Musical Mozart)

10 Feb

[TRANS] Musical from Vienna rocks South-Korea! (Junsu in Musical Mozart)

This article was posted in German website, Musical Vienna a while back but a JYJ3 reader has kindly translated this article to English. The article shows the amount of enthusiasm people have for both of Sylvester Levay‘s musicals, Mozart and Elisabeth, as well as the recognition gained by Junsu in his ownership of the titular role.

MOZART! and ELISABETH in concert

Concert Performance of the successful productions MOZART! and ELISABETH in the Olympic Stadion in Seoul/South Korea – a high end performance with Vienna`s Musical Star Uwe Kröger and the Asian popstar Kim Junsu.

Starting Thursday, October 7th (2010), till Sunday, October 10th (2010), four musical concerts took place in the Olympic Stadion in Seoul/South Korea. The cast of the South-Korean production of MOZART! – first of all Asian popstar Kim Junsu – who already excited the audience in the title role and won the “Newcomer of the Year” Award at the Asian Musical Awards. The South-Korean Premiere of MOZART! in January 2010 at Sejong Center for Performing Arts in Seoul was celebrated with standing ovations and counts, South-Korean-Tour inclusively, a total of 71,678 visitors.

The concerts with highlights of the successful productions MOZART! and ELISABETH went smoothly under the musical conductorship of composer Sylvester Levay. “I am very pleasured that EMK Musical Company, the Korean producers of MOZART! got the idea to hold the four musical concerts in Seoul. I am especially impressed with the young Korean audience, who tonight even showed enthusiasm about a serious strory like ELISABETH. We made the same experience during the premiere of MOZART! in January 2010.”

Uwe Kröger as European Musical-Star-guest

As a European musical star-guest Uwe Kröger was to be seen in the role of Erzbischof Colloredo with a song, especially written for him by Michael Kunze and Sylvester Levay.

Uwe Kröger after his celebrated debut in South-Korea: “I bow to such a hospitable, relaxed, cosmopolitan and very talented team. South-Korea is worth a visit! I feel very honored to be invited to the concert by Sylvester Levay and Kim Junsu.”

Olympic Stadium in Seoul

Thomas Drozda, general manager of VBW international GmbH (Vereinigte Bühnen Wien): “After the success of MOZART! in January we are glad that our South-Korean partner EMK Musical Company decided to show concert performances of our successful productions MOZART! and ELISABETH with the Asian popstar Kim Junsu at the Olympic Stadium. In spring 2011 the musical MOZART! will again be part of the repertoire of the Sejong Center for Performing Arts in Seoul. Right now we are working at full blast on realizing the South-Korean version of ELISABETH, which is planned to be premiered in 2012. We are really proud to be able to say that VBW has conquered the South-Korean musical sector.

Kathrin Zechner, artistic director of VBW: “Mozart! – the moving musical about one of the biggest artistic genius in history – was seen by 1.4 Million visitors worldwide. ELISABETH is the most successful export production with world premiere in German language of all time with 8.3 Million visitors. It is a special experience/moment to be able to experience those two productions in the frame of one event, that has the dimension of a pop concert.

Copyright: EMK Musical Company / Theatro Co., Ltd. 2010

Source: Musical Vienna
Translation by: Lena H.
Shared by: JYJ3

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