[NEWS] 120215 JYJ’s Junsu and Big Bang’s G-Dragon are two of the top celebrities in terms of real estate

16 Feb

Actually I don’t really like keeping a file news like this.

but…well… when you’re on top, people will stalking you, so this is part of Junsu I should have to get used, wheather I like it or not. ^^

[NEWS] 120215 JYJ’s Junsu and Big Bang’s G-Dragon are two of the top celebrities in terms of real estate

Posted on February 15, 2012 by JYJ3

T/N: JYJ3 have already reported similar news before (Links 1, 2, 3).

Are celebrities who live in the glamor of the limelight actually glamorous in their personal lives? This aspect was explored in the episode of tvN’s “eNews” that was broadcasted on February 7th.

The episode revolved around the theme “celebrity real estate tycoons,” with the celebrities ranked accordingly.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu came in fifth on the list. Known fondly as Asia’s “Idol Prince,” he earned tens of billions of won over a single year, an intake certainly befitting the nickname given by his adoring fans.

He gets around in a Ferrari 458 Italia, which costs a whopping four hundred million won. If the car model sounds familiar, it’s because it was made famous by the movie “Transformers,” where it made an appearance as an Autobot.

Kim Junsu also bought a townhouse in Gyeonggi-do for 1.7 billion won, which he gave to his parents as a present for their constant support.

His ownership doesn’t end here. Kim Junsu currently lives alone in a high-end residential apartment in Gangnam’s Samsung-dong. This residential complex, which also houses Kim Jaejoong, Lee Seunggi, and Lee Hyori, goes for as much as 3.5 billion won per apartment.

Coming in at number three is G-Dragon. No one could have guessed at the immense success he is enjoying now based on his time with “Little Roola.” However, he has since established himself as a credible musician, and is the leader of Big Bang.

G-Dragon currently lives in an apartment that overlooks the Han River. Last year, he paid 1.7 billion won for the apartment, which has a high investment value because of its location.

Yang Hyunsuk (CEO of YG Entertainment) also lives in the same neighborhood. Yang Hyunsuk paid a hundred million won in deposit, with the rest accounted for by a monthly rent of four million won. In other words, G-Dragon has beat out his boss in terms of luxury real estate.

He drives a car that is considered one of the top amongst luxury cars — a Bentley Continental GT, which weighs in at about two hundred and eighty million won. That’s not the end though — with the top range specifications he requested for, it’s estimated that he paid about three hundred and eighty million won instead.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon has registered approximately a hundred and twenty songs with the Korean Music Copyright Association, all of which earn him a tremendous amount of royalties, especially since his songs frequently top music charts.

Source: enews24
Credits: Koreaboo
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