[Trans] 120215 Musical Costumes For Korea’s Elisabeth + backstage pics

16 Feb

[Trans] 120215 Musical Costumes For Korea’s Elisabeth

I have stayed in Korea for around two months since December, for the production of Elisabeth’s costumes. I initially did not intend to stay for so long as the production for Mozart’s was around a month.

The most troublesome matter was that there are many musicals requesting for the production of costumes by the factory since January and February. Thus resulting in production of 3-4 costumes concurrently and was worried if it the dateline can be met. Additionally of the off-days for new year and lunar new year, can we make it? I was very worried with regards to this. Though we are able to make it for the trial performance on the 8th of February, the actual finishing date was on the 12th.

Though many audiences have seen these costumes before, there should be thoughts of “I wish to see it again”, it is like an addictive work, never tired of it even if to watch as many times. I shall do a brief introduction to the costumes.

Firstly, it is the coat for Tod.
The three Tod have different accessories on it and the designs for the material and collar were different.
(photo shown is Ryu Jung Han’s coat)


I wish to sew the inner lining with handsome feathers and hope to show off the inner linings of this coat with some coat-opening and flying-alike actions. Thus I suggested to the director.
This action was indeed added on the new stage but as (actor) is at the inner stage thus it is not seen clearly. TT
But the whole action looks great, really suave!

Next, is the spider-webbed blazer that appeared on stage many times.

Using soft leather, together with the sponsored designer’s forte in knitting and embroidery, the collar and hem were lined with chiffon, making the material to sashay.

This is a Hungarian-style coat and looks like a refreshing outfit. The buttons were not sewn on the sleeves yet.

This sexy black shirt with beads embroidery and the leather material used for the seams and hem.

This is Junsu’s shirt. The joint-clothings in front is slightly translucent and it is really sexy seeing it from the back!!!
Though the sexy and dangerous Tod first appeared in a coat, it is not entirely impossible to see the sexy back~ therefore everyone please wait till the moment when the coat is taken off and indulged in the staring of the back. (laughs)

The Elisabeth in Korea welcomed it’s first stage on the 9th. In order to try my very best to make it on time, there wasn’t any time for photo taking. Thus was not able to take the photo of the 1st session’s Mr. Song Chang Ui and 2nd session’s Mr. Ryu Jung Han, indeed quite regrettable. T T
Sitting in the audience on the first day, overseeing everything on stage, I was moved and speechless that night.

Finally finished everything on the 12th and it is also Junsu’s first performance. As there was no seats allocated for staffs, I watched it from the backstage. It was rather interesting to see them wearing their costumes then, there seems to be no time for rest for them.

This is Junsu with wings spreaded out!!!!!

Especially handsome~
For Tod, he changed his hair colour and even applied black nail polish.

An additional photo with him.

With regards to the costume design and hair style, Junsu earnestly said it in Japanese. It is just like what Mr. Sekine had impersonated, his way of talking is very cute~

source: buanobi
credit: loveissammi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

note :

ROLF atThough the sexy and dangerous Tod first appeared in a coat, it is not entirely impossible to see the sexy back~ therefore everyone please wait till the moment when the coat is taken off and indulged in the staring of the back.

she knew what is his asset. LoL

btw : she mentioned Mr. Sekine, whoah… now I miss Mr. Sekine, wonder wheather Mr, Sekine misses Junsu??


add some pics at the backstage after the premier

Junsu and Elisabeth’s staff and actors

source: buanobi
shared by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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