[Twitter] 120318 Junsu Twitter Update!

18 Mar

note me: 2 days after the funeral of Yoo’s father, JYJ’s doing their daily’s jobs, and Junsu gave fans some farm messages

be strong guys !!

[Twitter] 120318 Junsu Twitter Update!

@mjkim8200: I’ll be finally meeting you today^^ Director-nim…Everyone know you’re always the best!! I’ll tell you how to handle your mind and body against those postings…!! Hwaiting!!

@yoonphantom: I’ll try my best with a new attitude again^^ Help me hyung~!!

It really feels like everything passed like a storm during the last 2 weeks.. Like a sunnier day comes, Father give us the courage.. Yoochun who is filming again.. and Jajoongie hyung who is more worn out these days.. and me.. Let’s cheer up everyone!!

Like I always did..Let’s laugh away…^^People say there is nothing more difficult than being loved by everyone..If so, we must be walking in the right path..right? (T/N: the literal translation is “we must be walking pretty well..right?) Woorie Jaeoongie hyung..and woorie Yoochun.. Let’s work just a bit more harder..just a little bit more. Woorie members, I love you and am always thankful to you~

Translated by With Junsu

Other translations from : Kim Jyunshyu on twitter

▶mjkim8200 | we’ve finally met today^^ Director… Everyone has always known about you always being the best!! I’ll let you know of ways on how to manage the mind and body through writings like those…!! Hwaiting!!

▶yoonphantom | Once again, today , strive hard with a new heart^^ Please help me, hyung~!! -[in reply to]- it’s been a while, Xiahtod!!!

Really, everything in the recent two weeks felt like a storm that came rushing in.. That an even brighter day would come, God please give us that kind of courage..Yoochun-i, too, who has come back to filming again..Jaejoong-i hyung too who is becoming remarkably exhausted nowadays..and me too… Let’s be strong, everyone!!

Let’s laugh…like we always do..^^ They say that there is nothing more difficult than being loved by everyone…Then at any rate, we’re walking this road quite well..aren’t we? Our dear Jaejoongie hyung..Our dear Yoochun too…let’s hang in there some more..a little bit more. I’m always thankful to you my members and I love you~

twitter : 김준수 ‏ @1215thexiahtic

another translation :

[Trans] 120318 Junsu Twitter Update

Junsu: It truly feels like for the past 2 weeks I was caught in the surge of a storm and now I’m left in the aftermath. As bright days always follow after a storm, God please give us that courage. Yoochun who has returned to filming…as well as Jaejoong hyung who has been exhausted recently…and also myself…let’s all try our best, everyone!

Like always…let’s laugh it all away ^^ Being loved by all these people is not such a difficult thing right? It means we’ve been walking this path pretty well right? Jaejoong hyung…Yoochunnie…. let’s keep trying a little bit more….just a little bit more. My members, I’m always grateful and loving both of you~

@beyondmonica (to Junsu): I’m so grateful to you for coming back to the stage healthily. Makes me proud ^^ I believe that today’s performance will be more dazzling that ever.^^ Xiahtod fighting!

source: junsu twitter
credit: ayano_jyj
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