[TRANS] Anchor woman: JYJ as Korean stars/singers were the first group to have their solo concerts in South America

21 Mar

[TRANS] Anchor woman: JYJ as Korean stars/singers were the first group to have their solo concerts in South America

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In South America as well, the country seems to be in the grips of Hallyu fever. (To put it in more colloquial terms, Kpop fever is “all the rage”) as mentioned by accompanied-reporter Lee Eun Jong.

“Yiha Rico, Yiha Rico (my beautiful child, it means my love)”

-At the concert venue after the performance, it seems as if those words were shouted for the group to not leave the stage.

On the other side of the world, fans that finally saw JYJ in real life after waiting for them for a long time were so moved that they even shed tears.

In various parts of South America, fans flocked to the concert venue arena and slept outside a few days before the concert. They also waved placards with words in hangul, enjoying the festival because it seems that it will not be easy for them to come back again.

The fans sang along to JYJ’s hit songs in Korean and also danced. Here, one can see the influx of Hallyu’s Kpop influence in South America as well.

JYJ were also surprised by fans’ passionate response.

—– Interview Kim Jaejoong —–
“Everywhere we went, we were surprised by South American fans. When we saw them, they were welcoming and always cheering us on. Looking back at the world tour, South America had the hottest weather. However, outside the venue the sight of fans surrounding the arena and waiting for us put me in a good mood and moved me as well.”

After the concert ended, fans were so reluctant to leave and seemed to not be able to leave their seats.

—– Interview Karen Paris Margoria, JYJ fan —–
“In order to see the concert, for 5 days I slept inside the venue vicinity and waited. I was worried because I thought my heart wouldn’t be able to handle it. It was the best show and one that was like a dream”

This concert was the final stop of the world tour that had begun since April of last year.

—– Interview Kim Junsu —–
“Before the world tour started we had not even one song to sing on stage. We were able to create something out of nothing. Thus, it meant a great deal. For the purpose of performing our solo concerts, we composed our own songs, wrote our own lyrics and made our own record. Starting from Korea to Japan and other parts of Asia, America, Europe and then ending in South America, it was a truly meaningful world tour.”

—– Reporter Lee Eun Jong —–
“With JYJ’s concert in South America we were able to grasp the extent of Kpop mania culture. From now on, as Kpop fever expands, in order to incorporate itself into South America’s popular culture, effort/exertion is necessary. Yonhap News, Lee Eun Jong.”

Credit: DNBN
Translated by: Buniu of JYJ3
Shared by:JYJ3
Please do not remove, alter, or add to the credits.

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