[TRANS] Audience of Kim Junsu’s ‘Elisabeth’ nearly surpasses 20,000…”Genius actor indeed!”

21 Mar

[TRANS] Audience of Kim Junsu’s ‘Elisabeth’ nearly surpasses 20,000…”Genius actor indeed!”

The accumulated attendance for JYJ Kim Junsu’s musical ‘Elisabeth’ is going to surpass 20,000 very soon.
The musical ‘Elisabeth’ has received many passionate loves from the audience and took the first spot on the sales ranking chart. Whenever the reservation for tickets starts, every show of Kim Junsu, who is playing the role ‘The Death’ in the musical, would be sold out in an instant. His remarkable ticket power was recognized once again. The accumulated attendance for Kim Junsu’s ‘Elisabeth’ is expected to surpass 20,000 on March 21 with his 12th show at Blue Square, Hannam-dong, Seoul.

‘Elisabeth’ is a story of love between a member of the Austrian imperial family of Hapsburg – Queen Elisabeth, and a fantasy character ‘The Death’. With a solid story, beautiful music and perfect harmony, the musical has received love from 9 million audiences all around the world throughout 20 years. This time, Kim Junsu was the one who took the role of the charismatic and transcendental ‘The Death’.

In every show, Kim Junsu always gives out 120% of his energy on stage and was praised as a ‘genius’ by the original author, the producer and the music director of the musical. Ock Joohyun, Kim Sunyoung, Min Youngki and other actors have complimeted him through interviews and SNS “He is a great actor with genuine acting and outstanding concentration on stage.”

The audience of the musical said “Kim Junsu is an actor with no limit”, “ ‘The last dance’ is truly the hightlight of the show”, “I haven’t watched ‘Elisabeth’ in other countries yet but his acting is definitely not inferior to any other Tod”. Many explosive responses like that were received.

In response, Kim Junsu shared his thought “The feeling of being able to work with many superb actors everyday in order to perfect the stage more and more is overwhelming yet pleasant. The standing ovation and loud applause in every show give me strength. I hope for the rest of the shows, the audience will be able to come and leave with happiness too.”

A representative of Kim Junsu’s agency CJeS entertainment said “It is hard to see an example of a Korean musical actor who is able to sell out all seats of every show. Ticket for the musical is more expensive than for other cultural contents but the value of Kim Junsu’s stage is also worth that much.”

Source: AsiaToday
Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by:JYJ3
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