[TRANS] ‘Blond Death’ Kim Junsu’s attractive look with his mother – ‘An explosion of sexiness’

21 Mar

[TRANS] ‘Blond Death’ Kim Junsu’s attractive look with his mother – ‘An explosion of sexiness’

JYJ Kim Junsu’s mother has released a photo for the fans.

On March 18, Kim Junsu’s mother uploaded a photo taken with him on her twitter and wrote a message “Xiahtod has changed his hairstyle~ Are you curious about it? A special gift for everyone ♬”

In the photo, Kim Junsu strikes an affectionate pose with his mother in the waiting room. Wearing a dalmatian-pattern gown, he oozes his sexiness with standout eye-makeup for his musical show. Above all, Kim Junsu’s mother also draws a lot of attention to her calm smile and distinctive beauty.

Kim Junsu is currently playing the role of ‘The Death’ (Tod), a fantasy character in the musical ‘Elisabeth’, with Song Changeui and Ryu Junghan.

At the beginning, since ‘The Death’ is an imaginary figure, he was expected to have long blond hair. In the first show, Song Changeui also wore a long bond wig. However, due to the audience’s response, from the second show, the long wig was replaced with short hairstyle. For that reason, Kim Junsu immediately had his hair dyed, then later revealed his grief via his twitter.

On the other hand, in Kim Junsu’s current musical ‘Elisabeth’, Ock Joohyun and Kim Sunyoung is taking turn to play the role of Autrian queen Elisabeth. Since the production stage, the musical has caused quite a stir with its magnificent casts, stage, costumes and music. At the moment, this undefeatable musical is taking the number one spot on Interpark’s sales chart. Also, Kim Junsu’s popularity was proved once again as the tickets for his shows are particularly hard to get. In this musical, Kim Junsu has received good reviews for his role of ‘Sexy Tod’ by an improved acting skill and stable singing ability.

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Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
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