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[VIDEO] 120416 SBS Morning Wide: Junsu’s first solo album

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note : because the video has removed by the uploader, I copy the translation only :

From DBSK to JYJ, from JYJ to a solo artist. In the end, how will Kim Junsu’s venture from being a team member to a solo artist turn out to be?

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu is releasing his first solo album. It is said that most of the lyrics and melodies of the songs in this album are written by Kim Junsu himself, drawing the interest of many. Furthermore, it is expected that the compositions of his fellow JYJ members will also be included in the album. We’re curious to find out if the members’ song and lyrics writing skills will be able to gain as much recognition as their vocal skills have.

Kim Junsu has already been chosen as the idol with #1 vocal abilities by professionals in the music scene, right?

Recently, he has even been actively involved in musicals, earning recognition for himself as one of the greatest stars.
Because of this, the anticipation for his solo album is even greater.

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong-ssi too, expressed via his SNS (Twitter) that ‘Junsu’s speed of picking up and learning melodies and ability to portray emotions, must have been something he was born with!’ showing his anticipation for the album too.

Kim Junsu-ssi’s solo album is expected to go on sale next month. After the release of the album, instead of broadcast promotional activities, starting from our country, he plans to meet his fans all over Asia through a tour across 6 countries.

Credit: JjYcJs1 via @Sarithegate
Translation Credits: AllRiseXiahtic
Shared by: JYJ3


[PIC+TRANS] 120417 Junsu Featured in Korean Newspaper


JYJ Junsu’s first solo album ‘Full of anticipations’

On sale next month … Concert and Asia Tour are also in progress

Ranked 1st place as an idol with the best singing ability by Korea’s vocal trainers, picked as 1st place for idol with vocal talent by music experts, ranked 1st place as idol who is the most suitable to appear on MBC ‘I am a singer’…

Recognized as an idol with the best singing ability in fact as well as in name, JYJ Kim Junsu will make a comeback in the music industry with his first studio album after debuting.

On April 16, JYJ’s agency – CJeS Entertainment said ” JYJ Junsu’s first studio solo album is going to be released in the upcoming May and while it’s on sale, a domestic concert and an Asia Tour are planned to be proceeded as well.”

As this is the first time Kim Junsu releases his solo album after debuting in 2004, anticipations are on a rise. While composing, writing lyrics for most of the songs and even taking part in producing, Kim Junsu is expected to show all of his own musical ability.

In addition, not only songs in various genres, such as dance, ballad and R&B etc are planned to be included, songs composed by other JYJ members as a gift are also in the plan. With the participation of the best American choreographer Jeri Slaughter’s team in the production of the album and music video, a highest standard is expectable.

An official from CJeS said “We are currently preparing a perfect package for this album” and ” Until its release, we will eventually reveal the album’s concept through teaser poster, youtube making video, facebook gallery etc.”

Instead of a showcase for the comeback, Kim Junsu has chosen a domestic concert and Asia Tour. On the upcoming May 19 and 20, he is going to hold his first concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Songpa-gu, Jamsil-dong, Seoul and commence his album promoting activities. Thailand, Macau and other 6 Asian cities are scheduled to be the next stops in this tour for the album’s promotion.

Representative of CJeS – Baek Changjoo explained about the plan ” The domestic value as a singer of Kim Junsu is the highest: from his peerless vocal ability, his ability as a singer-songwriter to his strong power in dance performances which are even recogized by the South, North American and European choreographers. We are still not able to disclose the album’s concept and title. It might be the best album in the music industry for the first half of this year.”

On the other hand, Kim Junsu is current taking the role of ‘Death’ on musical Elisabeth’s stage.

Picture Credit: @The_4Feel
Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


note : this is from internet, but from Peru. so it’s a little special ^^


[NEWS] 041712 Junsu Featured on Peruvian News

JYJ member will hold a solo concert across six cities in Asia to promote his new solo album.

Junsu of JYJ will launch his first album as a soloist, since his debut in 2004, this May as was reported by his agency, C-Jes Entertainment.

“After launching his album, he will begin his tour on the 19th and 20th of May across Asia at the Jamsil Gymnasium in Korea. Kim Junsu’s album, which was produced directly by him, will consist of songs not only written by him but also by the other members of the JYJ, explained the agency through their official statement.

It was also confirmed that the tour in Asia, which will occur in May and June, Junsu will visit 6 cities, which includes Tailand, Taiwan, Macao, Indonesia and Shanghai.

Further, the members of JYJ have been working on activities parallel to the famous k-pop group.  Junsu has been participating in the musical “Elisabeth”, Yoochun continues to film for his drama “Rooftop Príncipe”, while Jaejoong awaits the premier of his drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin”.

Source: RPP News
Translated by: popopiluvsjyj of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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