[Pictures] Junsu’s twits and others

20 Apr


I like how Junsu has his own friends now

and nowadays he is more open than before

he tweeted a lot too, ㅋ

and btw

football is his life ㅋ

foot ball and singing and dancing

I don’t think he can’t choose among those 3 which is his fav activity ㅋ

❤ because he loves all  ❤


because I am too lazy too copas

so I rather put the links in below. :p


[TWITTER] 120412 Junsu Twitter Update

[TWITTER] 120412 Junsu Twitter Update

[OTHER TWITTER] 120414 Elisabeth cast and a FC Men player post photos of Junsu

[TWITTER] 120415 Junsu Twitter Update

[TWITTER] 120416 Junsu Twitter Update

[OTHER TWITTER] 120416 Kim Hyo Joon (@AmadeRudolph)’s grandmother meets Junsu

[TWITTER] 120418 Junsu Twitter Update

[TWITTER] 120419 Junsu and Yoochun Twitter Update

[Other Twitter] FLOWSIK Tweets Junsu A Picture of them

Source: @1215thexiahtic, @6002theMicky  and etc
Translated by: @The_little_pear of JYJ3, Tohosomnia
Shared by: JYJ3


this is a bonus… ㅋ

[NEWS] 120412 B2ST members snap a photo with JYJ’s Kim Junsu after watching ‘Elisabeth’

Group B2ST snapped a photo with JYJ member Kim Junsu who plays an important role in the musical, ‘Elisabeth‘.

On April 11th, B2ST member Lee Kikwang wrote via his official Twitter page, “We just watched Junsu hyung’s musical,” and shared the photo above.

Each of the B2ST members posed uniquely for the camera in the photo to congratulate Kim Junsu, and Junsu himself looked like he had just walked off stage with his heavy stage makeup and ensemble.

Fellow B2ST member Yang Yoseob who also saw the musical also wrote via his Twitter page, “Elisabeth, great musical.. Junsu hyung rocks!”, while Yoon Doojoon wrote, “Just saw Elisabeth! Ahhh that’s Junsu hyung for you!”

Netizens who saw the boys’ tweets responded by saying, “Good to see that the junior and senior artists getting along“, along with “Isn’t Junsu amazing in the musical?”, and “I want to see Junsu in the musical too!”

Meanwhile, ‘Elisabeth’ will continue it’s theatrical run until May 13th at Blue Square Samsung Hall.

Credit: AllKpop 
Shared byJYJ3


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