What is the concept of JYJ Kim Junsu’s solo album ‘UNEQUALLED’?

24 Apr

What is the concept of JYJ Kim Junsu’s solo album ‘UNEQUALLED’?

The concept of JYJ Kim Junsu’s solo album was revealed. 
Kim Junsu’s 1st teaser pictures and videos were revealed on 24th through official Facebook ( and official Youtube channel (
With this, JYJ’s agency C-JES Entertainment revealed the title of Kim Junsu’s solo album: ‘UNEQUALLED.’
C-JES expressed their confidence saying “The concept of his album is ‘UNEQUALLED,’ emphasizing Junsu’s matchless identity and creativity. As the best experts have participated in this project, the best result will be produced.”
Both Korean and international fans are showing great interests as the concept of the album with Kim Junsu’s eyes, lips, wigs, clothes, and accessories was released through the teaser pictures and albums.
Regarding this C-JES revealed the strategies thought by the choreography director, hair and make-up director, stylists, the director of music video, and photographs on the concept of Kim Junsu’s album.
The director Kangho of ‘The Red Carpet,’ which has been responsible for the hair and make-up of Kim Junsu since 2005, praised “Kim Junsu is a world class [star]. Even among idols, he is at the position as a leader and his concept becomes trend.”
He also mentioned the concept of Kim Junsu’s album “we made a hair concept in which many different feelings by contrasting colors, which are mixed together. We added western color(western(european) look) to oriental mood.”
Director Moon Jooyoung who is responsible for the make-up explained “His concept is different from normal idol singers and it is really rich and strong. It is a very strong concept. We gave points on his eye-makeup and tried to provide manly and fantasy moods.”
His stylist confessed the plan about Kim Junsu’s clothes that “it will be based on see-through look and slim suit, which are in fashion, but we will emphasize the details. We will use geometric patterns and modern materials to create modern, heritage concept, in which modern and heritage from past are mixed and matched.”
Photographer Kim Youngjoon, who is filming pictures for the cover of his album, expressed his satisfaction by saying “I was satisfied filming because Kim Junsu had different looks with his eyes and expressed very well. He is an interesting subject for photography because his face has both strong manly side and beautiful feminine side.”
Lastly, the director of his music video said “we planned to film all the explosive energy, dreamlike and abstract feelings to the camera. The set and choreography perfectly harmonized and created strong visual.”
Meanwhile, C-JES will reveal the teaser contents every week until the release of Kim Junsu’s album, which will be in Mid-May.
Credit: TV Daily, Reporter Kim Jinkyung
Please click the link before you read the translation:
Translated by @ dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by XIAH Press


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