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[Trans VIDEO] 120527 Interview: XIA (XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert TARANTALLEGRA in Bangkok)

[Trans VIDEO] 120527 Interview: XIA (XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert TARANTALLEGRA in Bangkok)

the translation : 

MC: … Now he’s ready to meet us. Are you guys ready to meet Kim Junsu? If you’re ready, please give him a big round of applause. Scream if you can. Let’s meet Kim Junsu!
MC: Please come up here on stage. We’ll let all the press have a minute to photograph him.
JS: Sawasdeekrub (T/N: Hello in Thai)
MC: Sawasdeekrub
JS: I’m Xia. *laugh*
MC: While we have a chance for a one-on-one with this guy, let’s do an interview. [To interpreter] First of all, please tell him that all of us is honored to be able to interview him.
JS: Today is the first time I get to perform a full concert [by myself] because I usually come here with my friends. This is my first solo concert, so I’d like all the fans to come and enjoy the concert with me.
MC: Everyone here is definitely going to the concert. Let’s talk about his solo album, XIA – Tarantallegra. Please talk a bit about the album and the style of the songs in this album.
JS: The concept for the songs in this album is very diverse, including the hairstyle and costumes as well. It will be completely different from the previous albums. The genres of the songs are new, too. There’s something extra put in toward the choreography.
MC: I’m told they’re very upbeat and sexy. Thai fans would be screaming at the top of their lungs.
JS: Umm, Yeah. *laugh* Thank you so much. I’m glad because, at first, I didn’t know how to express sexiness. When the album came out, fans understood what I was trying to convey. In the past, I would try to express sexiness using my body, but in this album, I would show what sexy means while remaining fully-clothed. The costume will not be revealing, but fans would still get the sense that I was being sexy.
MC: … exposing a bit of cleavage is sexy enough. *laugh*
JS: Thank you *laugh*
MC: I’m also told that this time you took on the role of producing the entire album while having your twin brother, Kim Junho, working along side. Member like Kim Jaejoong also helped out with the album as well. How did you feel about having a brother and a friend to work with?
JS: I like to thank my brothers. Although I was the producer, they helped me with composing the songs.. like ‘No Gain’. I felt very happy and grateful.
MC: What about the response from other JYJ members? How did they feel about you releasing a solo album?
JS: They’re busy filming dramas but while they’re making their ways to set, they would play and listen to my songs. They would tell me which part they like and which part they think should be fixed. It was something like that. I’m happy for all the compliment and suggestion given.
MC: What is the concept of this music video? I saw you with lots of different looks. What was your favorite look in the MV?
JS: The looks for this music video are a lot on the fantasy-side. There might be normal costumes and looks with musculinity in the past, but this time we’re adding a strong element into it. The clothes were completely from the old looks.
MC: Did you design all the costumes?
JS: The costumes were designed by my stylist. Before the designing began, we would sit down and talk about what kind of concept would suit this album.
MC: If you can choose one song from this album, which song would you pick to represent your feeling toward Thai fans? I’ll let you have a minute to think about it.
JS: The songs in this album came from a lot of genres. If I had to choose a song…. there’s one song in this album that could be used as a ‘Lulllaby’. I’d like all the fans to be able to listen to it. It could easily put them right to sleep. I want to sing for them and let them have a sweet dream.
MC: … Oh, so XIA would like to be motherly and sing a lullaby for all of us.
JS: Not as a mother. Think of it as a boyfriend who sings a lullaby for you.
MC: Adorable~! *laugh*
JS: If you look at the meaning of the song, it tells a story of a man who’s taking care of a woman. It gives a feeling of how he’s deeply in love with her and wants her to have a good dream.
MC: Wow, You’re such a romantic.
JS: A little bit. *laugh*
MC: Your big concert will be this evening. Can you tell us what’s special about your first solo concert?
JS: If you all come and see the concert, you’ll see what’s special about it. I will be much closer to the fans. Let’s meet at concert.
MC: So this evening will be a surprise! I’ve heard that you love being on twitter. If you could send a tweet for Thai fans right at this moment, what would it be?
JS: I want to take a photo of a coconut tree and tweet to let all the fans know that I’ve arrived in Thailand.
MC: A coconut tree to represent that you’ve come to Thailand?
JS: Yes. In Korea, if you want to see a coconut tree, you’ll have to go all the way to Jeju island. The thing that reminds me of Thailand is coconut tree.
MC: Ahh, so he wants to tweet that he’s arrived and let’s meet this evening. Any last word for Thai fans about the concert?
JS: I would like all the fans to come and see the concert. This is my first full concert. I want people to come and see the special things I’ve prepared for them. Thank you.
MC: Thank you, Junsu, for giving us an opportunity for this close-up interview.
Source: PlayParkTV via youtube
Translation credit: Lookkaew_SK

[VIDEO] 120506 C-JeS Video Update – From JYJ

[VIDEO] 120506 C-JeS Video Update – From JYJ



JS: What’s confirmed is that it’s really has the best popularity recently.
YC: Thank you.
JJ: Everyone’s just been talking about it.
JS: Everyone around me as well.. Everyone only keeps talking about RTP.
JJ: Of course..
JJ: It really seems like it follows the title. Because it’s the ‘rooftop’, the popularity goes to the roof as well.
JS: Then shouldn’t it be “Heaven’s” Prince?
JJ: If it’s called “Basement Prince” then the popularity will drop.

JS: The preparations are finished for my solo album. Right now I am practicing.
JJ: You are really great.
YC: You have heard Junsu’s songs right?
JJ: Of course. He’s a genius. How can it (T/N singing/music) come out like that.
YC: Really, it seems like Junsu’s voice is a gift given by the gods.
JJ: So his parents are the heavens!
YC: Yes, that’s right.

JJ: I have prepared a korean song. But I feel like my composition is the worst.
JS: Personally I like Jaejoong hyung’s song.
YC: Initially how many songs are there?
JS: Twelve tru-ack.
YC: You can just say it in korean.
JS: Twelve trACKs (T/N receives chunnie’s approval LOL)
JJ: Oh yeah (T/N LOL). TrAck. TrAck.
YC: Which track number is Jaejoong hyung’s song?
JS: Fourth.
JJ: Why! (T/N Koreans have an aversion towards the number four. It’s representative of death.)
JS: That’s not it! EUKYANGKYANG

JS: Initially it was number 3, but the addition of the intro made it the fourth.
YC: Ah, compared to the third, the fourth is better. (T/N sry cant catch)
JS: Also, it fits the flow of the album better.
YC: How about the ‘thanks to’ section?
JS: I won’t be writing the ‘thanks to’ this time.
JJ: Not writing?

YC: There’s one more thing to congratulate.
JS&YC: Jaejoong hyung is doing a drama and movie at the same time.
YC: Congratulations.
JJ: Aigoo, I feel like dying.
JS: Just doing the drama alone is tiring enough, how can you manage both.
JJ: I keep unconsciously, at the start, there was enough time to rest.
JJ: I know that it’s tough, but I want to challenge it.
YC: The filming (T/N sth about today and tomorrow lol too sexy chunnie’s voice)
JS: It’s a sageuk (historical drama) right?
YC: You are going to die now (T/N because it’s really tiring)
JS: How about your hairstyle?
JJ: The hair.. Samtu (historical hair).
YC: Beard? Beard? Are you going to keep a long one? *speaks in past korean*
JJ: Not going to keep one.
JS: kekeke who was that! A monkey?!

JJ: As I’m acting as a singer in the movie, I’ll showing bits like my trainee self from 8 to 9 years ago.
JJ: There is also really old-fashioned hiphop style.
JS: What’s the genre for the movie?
JJ: Within romance comedy, there will also be lots of action packed within.
JS: Really looking forward to it.

YC: We will be having much more individual activities inYC: We will be having much more individual activities in the future. So you will be able to much more of our individual talents.
YC: Also, JYJ will be showing you more through our albums. Please also give us lots of love in the future.
JJ: One more thing! (T?N LOL at Junsu pointing to end!!)
JJ: Our JYJ fans visit (T/N I think it means fanmeets?). Personally, we JYJ also look forward to it.
JS: Jaejoong hyung has also planned surprises.
YC: Although Jaejoong hyung’s is always being busy.
JS&YC: always leaving time and planning despite being busy
JJ: Am I going to do that alone? What about you two?
JS: Jaejoong hyung only does it alone.
JJ: When did I do that? Let’s do it together.
JS: Of course.
YC: All settled. Promise.
JS: What we can be sure is that Jaejoong hyung is confirmed going.

*some unclear parts were omitted

Credit: C-Jes + JJStar_ I Translation: crystallised
Shared by: JYJ3

another translation
[Translation][C-JES][VIDEO] From JYJ Talking about their recent lives
Credit: C-JES

Please click the link before you read the translation:
C-JES site:;=&searchStr;=

JYJ Official Youtube:

Translated by @ dlwpdldhkdlwp
-Because this is a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
-No infringement of copyright intended.
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JYJ: Hello, we are JYJ.

JJ: Yeah, our Yuchun is enormously active nowadays. He is riding high.

JS: yeah~

JJ: The name~ the title is~

JaeSu: Rooftop Prince

YuSu: *claps

JJ: What is the secret? The reason why every drama you do has high popularity

YC: What? Probably…uh… I think this is because of fans’ loves. (TN: direct, word-by-word translation will be “I think this is because you are looking at me beautifully.”)

JS: I really think. You are Lee Gak, the role there
(RTP). Really Lee Gak-ssi’s (TN: ‘-ssi’ is honorific. It means Mister. So it can be also translated as Mister Lee Gak)

YC: What is Lee Gak-ssi? Lee Gak-ssi? (What is Mister Lee Gak? Mister Lee Gak?)

JS: You drink something even in those important scenes. Sucking

JJ: Yeah

YC: Yes

JS: I think you look really handsome.

YC: (Drinking) something sweet

JS: Yes. (You are) always (drinking) something sweet praiseworthy.

YC: Hahaha

JS: Praiseworthy

YC: Did you even watch it?

JS: Ah. Of course,

YC: Until which episode did you watch?

JS: Honestly, now Chapter 6. (TN: Junsu said ‘Yuk Hwa’)

YC: Chapter 6? Episode 6 (TN: Yuchun said ‘Yuk Hwa?’ ‘Yuk Hoe’)

JJ: You did not say Episode 6 but said Chapter 6

JS: Episode 6. (TN: ‘Hwa’ and ‘Hoe’ both can mean episode. ‘Hwa’ is usually used for episodes & chapters of drama, novel, and etc. while ‘Hoe’ is usually used for episodes of drama/films, or innings for sports)

JJ: Is it Aesop’s Fables?

JYJ: *laughter

JS: I watched until episode 6, but I will watch until the end. Yes.

JJ: Of course.

JS: It is indisputable that it is the most popular thing nowadays.

JJ: Oh~ yes. Everyone talks about this.

JS: People around me also only talk about Rooftop Prince.

JJ: Yes.

JS: I became a fifth wheel nowadays.

JJ: You must be really following according to the title. Because it is Rooftop, the popularity is increasing and Crown Prince is continuously loved.

JS: Wouldn’t be better to change the title to The Crown Prince on Sky’ later?

JJ: If the title was ‘Basement King Beggar,’ the popularity would have decreased and

YC: Basement, basement king beggar

JJ: If it was basement,

JS: Basement Prince

JJ: it might have been screwed up.

JS: *laugh* Basement Prince

JJ: And, Junsu will finish the musical soon

JS: Yeah

YC: And also

JS: By the time the video clip gets released, I might have already finished it.

JJ: And solo album

JS: Yes. I finished preparing the solo album and I am practicing right now.

JJ: Ah~ I think he/it is really amazing.

YC: We heard Junsu’s songs.

JJ: I heard it.

YC: As expected

JJ: He is genius. To be honest, this cannot be possible.

YC: Junsu… I really for sure think Junsu’s voice is a gift by the heaven/sky.

JJ: His parents are the heaven/sky.

YC: Oh. Yes.

JJ: I also gave a song.

YC: I heard it.

JS: That is right.

JJ: I think my song is the worst.

YC: Huh?

JS: Personally, I love Jaejoong-hyung’s song a lot.

YC: How many songs are included?

JS: 12 tracks

YC: You can just say songs.

JJ: 12 tracks

YC: Do you have to say tracks?

JS: 12 tracks~

JJ: Track~ Oh~ Yeah~

YC: 12 track~

JJ: Track~

YC: What is the number of Jaejoong-hyung’s song?

JS: Number 4

YC: It is not yet (decided)… number 4?

JJ: Why the 4 of death? (TN: In Korean, 4 (sa) sounds like one of words which means ‘death (sa).’ It has different pronunciation from another word meaning ‘death (jeukum), which is also name of JS’s role in ‘Elisabeth’)

JS: What?

JJ: Why the 4 of death?

YC: the 4 of death

JS: I didn’t mean that. It was originally third one but intro was added.

YC: Number 4 is better than number 3 for the flow.

JS: Yes. I chose looking at the flow of whole album and the songs.

YC: Did you write ‘Thanks To’?

JS: There is no ‘Thanks To’ this time.

YC: There is another one that we have to celebrate. Jaejoong-hyung’s drama and

JS: and movie

YC: movie

YuSu: at the same time~

YC: Congratulations

JJ: Aigoo. I am going to die.

YC: You will have a thorny path/ hard time.

JS: Just doing drama is enormous.

YC: and hard.

JS: but also film. Are you well prepared?

JJ: No. Well. While choosing the piece, I had rather long resting period, but after much twists and turns, I decided to go for them with the energy I reserve while I was resting, although I know it will be hard to do both at once.

YC: The filming (drama)…today…will be the day after tomorrow. I know your first filming day will be May 2nd…Wow… You will really..

JS: I am curious about one thing. It is a historical drama

YC: die/suffer enormously. Really.

JS: It is a historical drama

YC: You might get osteoporosis.

JS: Haha. How will be your hair style?

JJ: I will have topknot for the hair.

JS: Ah~

YC: topknot

JJ: And

YC: What about moustache?

JJ: I will not put them on.

YC: The moustache until here

JJ: I will not stick them on.

YC: Mistress/Madame

JS: I think it (moustache) will suit you well… are you a slave?

YC: No

JS: Are you a farmhand?

JJ: I am going to a singer in the film.

YuSu: Ah~

JJ: I will show my natural parts and also when I was a trainee 8 or 9 years ago in the past in the film. So, there will be little bit tacky/countrified Hip Hop style too.

JS: Oh~ What is the genre exactly? Of the film? Is it action?

YC: Please explain

JJ: It is a romantic comedy but with many actions.

YuSu: Oh~

JS: I will look forward to it.

YC: We, JYJ, will have many individual activities. You will have many chances to see us as individuals too. Also, we are planning to see you with JYJ album. Please give lots of love.

JJ: One more thing. About our JYJ fan exposition.
YuSu: Oh~ Right! Right.

JJ: We are,personally, also expecting a lot.

JS: Jaejoong-hyung is preparing for the surprise visit.

YC: That’s right. Correct. Although he will be really busy,

JS: Always

YC: It will be when he will be really busy

JS: How can he not go once when fans are coming…

JJ: To be honest, am I the only one going? Are you guys not going?

JS: Jaejoong-hyung said he will be the only one going.

YC: You told us not to come.

JJ: When did I say that? Me and everyone should go together.

YC: Okay. If Jaejoong-hyung comes, we’ll go too.

JS: Sure.

YC: We will go, promise.

JS: Something we are certain is that Jaejoong-hyung will go there for sure.

JYJ: *laugh

JJ: Please come and visit because it will be an event with many interesting stories, looks, objects, memories. Please come. We will work harder. Please cheer for us. Until now,

JYJ: We were JYJ. Thank you.

credit :  @dlwpdldhkdlwp
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[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu successfully concludes the musical, ‘Elizabeth’

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu successfully concludes the musical, ‘Elizabeth’

JYJ‘s Junsu has successfully completed his third musical, ‘Elizabeth‘, amidst standing ovations and tears.

Playing the character of ‘Death’, Junsu performed a total of 32 times for the musical, selling out seats within 10 minutes of pre-sale tickets going on sale. With his history of records, stable acting, and singing talents, he’s managed to create a new name for himself as a musical actor.

Composer Sylvester Levay of ‘Elizabeth’ commented, Kim Junsu’s ability to lead each scene was amazing, and his interpretation of his character was nothing short of charming. He’s an actor who knows what perfection on stage means.

Music director Kim Moon Jung added, “I was surprised by the level of detail he put into his movements. He’s a prodigy of musicals.

For the final performance of the musical on May 2nd, Junsu commanded the stage for the entire 160 minutes, captivating the audience with his charisma. His ability to accurately express happiness, sadness, and anger brought out a standing ovation from the 1,700 audience members.

Following the completion of his performance, Junsu expressed, “I feel that it was luck that I was offered ‘Elizabeth’. It’s a personal honor for me to have created an amazing work such as this with our nation’s top stars, and I learned a lot from the experience. I’d like to thank our audience members who filled up the seats from the first day to the last.”

In related news, Junsu is currently preparing for the release of his first solo album, ‘Tarantallegra‘.

Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: JYJ3


finally he done the elizabeth musical

he’s preparing his new solo album


the fancam

credit : the uploader


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[INFO] 120503 Junsu’s Album Cover and Tracklist + Pre-Order Tarantallegra Album

[INFO] 120503 Junsu’s Album Cover and Tracklist + Pre-Order Tarantallegra Album


  • 01. Sunset (Lyrics: Xia / Arrangement: Xia)
  • 02. Tarantallegra (Feat. Flowsik of Aziatix) (Lyrics: JUNO / Music: Xia / Arrangement: Xia / Rap making- Flowsik)
  • 03. Set Me Free (Feat. Bizzy) (Lyrics: Xia, Fraktal / Music: Xia, Fraktal / Arrangement: Fraktal / Rap making- Bizzy)
  • 04. No Gain (Lyrics: Jaejoong ( 김재중) / Music: Jaejoong ( 김재중) / Arrangement: 권빈기)
  • 05. 사랑이 싫다구요 [T/N: “Dislike Love”] 
    (Lyrics: Jeon Hae Sung (전해성) / Music: Jeon Hae Sung (전해성) / Arrangement: Jeon Hae Sung (전해성)
  • 06. 돌고 돌아도 [T/N: “Turning around and around”]
    (Lyrics: JUNO / Music: Xia, Sejin Kim (김세진) / Arrangement: Sejin Kim (김세진)
  • 07. Intoxication (Lyrics: Xia / Music: Xia / Arrangement: Xia)
  • 08. Breath (Feat. Double K) [T/N: Said to be a sequel for “Mission”]
    (Lyrics: Xia / Music: Xia / Arrangement: Xia / Rap making-Double K)
  • 09. 알면서도 [T/N: “Obviously Know”]
    (Lyrics: Sejin Kim (김세진) / Music: Sejin Kim (김세진), PJ / Arrangement: PJ)
  • 10. Lullaby (Feat. 개코 Of Dynamic Duo) (Lyrics: Xia, Fraktal / Music: Xia / Arrangement: Fraktal / Rap making-개코 of Dynamic Duo)
  • 11. Fever (Lyrics : JUNO, Xia / Music: Xeno, Jedi / Arrangement: Xeno)
  • 12. 이슬을 머금은 나무 [T/N: “The Tree that Holds the Dew”]
    (Lyrics: Xia / Music: Xia / Arrangement: Seo Jung Jin (서정진)

    Album Size: 215 x 159 x 15,320G, including 40p photos.

    Credit: C-JeS Store
    Tracklist Translation Credit (Chinese to English): Mandragore of JYJ3 via Josie真喵喵 Weibo
    Shared by:JYJ3


    the MV’s teaser 




    credit : CJES Ent. Official YouTube Ch.



[Description for each song in Junsu’s solo album – Tarantallegra] Full

01. Intro
An intro that lets the spell ‘Tarantallegra’ start.

02. Tarantallegra (Feat.Flowsik Of Aziatix)
The title track of Xia 1st album ‘Tarantallegra’, which is a magic spell that makes people dance, is a sensational dance track. While it is composed and arranged by Xiah himself, his brother JUNO was the one who wrote its lyrics. With the harmony of a strong beat and stringed instruments, it conveys the mystical power of magic and casts a dreamy magic spell just like its title. While Aziatix’s Flowsik is featured in the rap part, the choreography team of Jeri Slaughter and his co-workers, who have worked with Christina Aguilera before, will add the splendor to its performance. Now, let’s listen then fell into Xiah’s magical spell !

03. Set Me Free (Feat Bizzy)
The genre of ‘Set Me Free’ is Hands Up, an electro genre which is popular in Europe. Xia and Fraktal composed and wrote its lyrics together. With a high-tempo of Bpm 135, it is distinguished with an intoxicated repeated rhythm that will make the audience breathe along. The trance style of the synthesizer and the intense riff of rock guitar are mixed together into a club-beat. Plus, the chorus and main vocal will produce a dramatic voice-drama and add more briliance to the refrain.

04. No Gain
This is a gift track from JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong in order to support Xia’s solo album. With a sweet melody flavored with a dance beat that create a R&B dance track, the song compliments more Xia’s singing ability. It is a polished song that expresses the loneliness after separation. Particularly, Kim Jaejoong participated directly in vocal directing and the chorus to show a close friendship.

05. I hate love
Kim Junsu worked with the composer Jeon Haesung for the first time in a standard slow song which shows his own capability and proves once again that he is the national best vocalist. With a dim piano theme over a bass clarinet riff, an addictive melody and touching lyrics combined together in an impressive ethnic ballad. Just like that, a musical masterpiece was created.

06.Around and around
With a combination of an oriental arranging style and electric musical instruments to create an established oriental feeling, this song takes a great part in contributing to the diversity of this album and shows another different musical sense of Xiah. Xiah’s husky yet mystical voice, a spendid string effect and beautiful lyrics about love are combined together and bring a beautiful impression to the listeners.

07. Intoxication
This track is the Korean version of ‘Intoxication’ which was at 2nd place on the Oricon chart on the first day being released in Japan. As a R&B song that acccentuates a sexy feeling, with a guitar rendition of guitarist Hong Junho in this Korean version, the song was reborn with a more fantastic feeling and excellent sound.

08. Breath (Feat.Double K)
Do you still remember JYJ’s strong dance song ‘Mission’? Let’s listen to Xiah’s ‘Breath’ which was created in the same strong theme. Xiah has composed this song as ‘Mission 2’ with string instruments and strong beat. Also, the talent Double K was featured in its rap part and added up a more manly effect to the song.

09. Although I know
As a collaboration between composer Kim Sejin and PJ, ‘Although I know’ has a sentimental vibe with beautiful piano melody and Xiah’s sad yet appealing voice mixed together. The song expresses the earnest feeling of a man who already knew about the separation but still appealed to reverse the decision.

10. Lullaby (Feat. Gecko of Dynamic Duo)
‘Lullaby’ is a soulful R&B song. Xiah composed it by himself and worked together with Fraktal to produce and create its lyrics. While the sweet and appealing vocal of Xiah on a groovy hip-hop downtempo beat is impressive, a vintage string-session and warm electric piano sound will make the listeners feel just like Xiah is singing a lullaby for them. Moreover, the famous hip-hop group Dynamic Duo’s Gecko will appear to feature in the rap part at the bridge of the song and double the dramatic sensiment of the song to a new level.

11. Fever
Having a electronic sound that was created by using repeatedly Synth bass and Portamento, ‘Fever’ was born in order to balance his passion for music and his powerful vocal. Particularly, while the repeated melody in the chorus is enough to stimulate the listener’s ears, his performance for this song on stage is also highly anticipated.

12.A dew-laden tree
This is a ballad song with a touch of pop. 
This song has a lyrical melody and sentimental lyrics that can express the full cability of the vocalist. Especially, its lyrics, which was written by Xiah, have some quotes from the lyrics of a song that was released when he was active in Japan ‘Because tomorrow will come’. The song uses a metaphor to capture his love toward the fans as the dew signifies the loved person and the tree represents the one who purely protects the dew.

translation : credit : Jane / Trang (@SweetieXiah)


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