[Trans VIDEO] 120527 Interview: XIA (XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert TARANTALLEGRA in Bangkok)

28 May

[Trans VIDEO] 120527 Interview: XIA (XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert TARANTALLEGRA in Bangkok)

the translation : 

MC: … Now he’s ready to meet us. Are you guys ready to meet Kim Junsu? If you’re ready, please give him a big round of applause. Scream if you can. Let’s meet Kim Junsu!
MC: Please come up here on stage. We’ll let all the press have a minute to photograph him.
JS: Sawasdeekrub (T/N: Hello in Thai)
MC: Sawasdeekrub
JS: I’m Xia. *laugh*
MC: While we have a chance for a one-on-one with this guy, let’s do an interview. [To interpreter] First of all, please tell him that all of us is honored to be able to interview him.
JS: Today is the first time I get to perform a full concert [by myself] because I usually come here with my friends. This is my first solo concert, so I’d like all the fans to come and enjoy the concert with me.
MC: Everyone here is definitely going to the concert. Let’s talk about his solo album, XIA – Tarantallegra. Please talk a bit about the album and the style of the songs in this album.
JS: The concept for the songs in this album is very diverse, including the hairstyle and costumes as well. It will be completely different from the previous albums. The genres of the songs are new, too. There’s something extra put in toward the choreography.
MC: I’m told they’re very upbeat and sexy. Thai fans would be screaming at the top of their lungs.
JS: Umm, Yeah. *laugh* Thank you so much. I’m glad because, at first, I didn’t know how to express sexiness. When the album came out, fans understood what I was trying to convey. In the past, I would try to express sexiness using my body, but in this album, I would show what sexy means while remaining fully-clothed. The costume will not be revealing, but fans would still get the sense that I was being sexy.
MC: … exposing a bit of cleavage is sexy enough. *laugh*
JS: Thank you *laugh*
MC: I’m also told that this time you took on the role of producing the entire album while having your twin brother, Kim Junho, working along side. Member like Kim Jaejoong also helped out with the album as well. How did you feel about having a brother and a friend to work with?
JS: I like to thank my brothers. Although I was the producer, they helped me with composing the songs.. like ‘No Gain’. I felt very happy and grateful.
MC: What about the response from other JYJ members? How did they feel about you releasing a solo album?
JS: They’re busy filming dramas but while they’re making their ways to set, they would play and listen to my songs. They would tell me which part they like and which part they think should be fixed. It was something like that. I’m happy for all the compliment and suggestion given.
MC: What is the concept of this music video? I saw you with lots of different looks. What was your favorite look in the MV?
JS: The looks for this music video are a lot on the fantasy-side. There might be normal costumes and looks with musculinity in the past, but this time we’re adding a strong element into it. The clothes were completely from the old looks.
MC: Did you design all the costumes?
JS: The costumes were designed by my stylist. Before the designing began, we would sit down and talk about what kind of concept would suit this album.
MC: If you can choose one song from this album, which song would you pick to represent your feeling toward Thai fans? I’ll let you have a minute to think about it.
JS: The songs in this album came from a lot of genres. If I had to choose a song…. there’s one song in this album that could be used as a ‘Lulllaby’. I’d like all the fans to be able to listen to it. It could easily put them right to sleep. I want to sing for them and let them have a sweet dream.
MC: … Oh, so XIA would like to be motherly and sing a lullaby for all of us.
JS: Not as a mother. Think of it as a boyfriend who sings a lullaby for you.
MC: Adorable~! *laugh*
JS: If you look at the meaning of the song, it tells a story of a man who’s taking care of a woman. It gives a feeling of how he’s deeply in love with her and wants her to have a good dream.
MC: Wow, You’re such a romantic.
JS: A little bit. *laugh*
MC: Your big concert will be this evening. Can you tell us what’s special about your first solo concert?
JS: If you all come and see the concert, you’ll see what’s special about it. I will be much closer to the fans. Let’s meet at concert.
MC: So this evening will be a surprise! I’ve heard that you love being on twitter. If you could send a tweet for Thai fans right at this moment, what would it be?
JS: I want to take a photo of a coconut tree and tweet to let all the fans know that I’ve arrived in Thailand.
MC: A coconut tree to represent that you’ve come to Thailand?
JS: Yes. In Korea, if you want to see a coconut tree, you’ll have to go all the way to Jeju island. The thing that reminds me of Thailand is coconut tree.
MC: Ahh, so he wants to tweet that he’s arrived and let’s meet this evening. Any last word for Thai fans about the concert?
JS: I would like all the fans to come and see the concert. This is my first full concert. I want people to come and see the special things I’ve prepared for them. Thank you.
MC: Thank you, Junsu, for giving us an opportunity for this close-up interview.
Source: PlayParkTV via youtube
Translation credit: Lookkaew_SK

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