[JAP/ENG] ジュンス、上海でのインタビュー映像 / JUNSU, Interview at Shanghai Press Conference

06 Jul


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[JAP/ENG] ジュンス、上海でのインタビュー映像 /

JUNSU, Interview at Shanghai Press Conference

1. (紹介?) 






そしてJeri slaughterという最高のコリオグラファー、最先端のダンスなどがよくまじられ、












1. Introduction?

First of all, this album is my first solo album so that I was able to make it much more reflect my thoughts. And, I’ve produced overall parts of this album. 

Most of all, the concept of this album is ‘Unequalled.’ I hoped to highlight uniqueness and specificity so that I made it become music when a song, fashion, make-up and etc get together. 

With unprecedentedly costly mv, equipments and sets, best choreographer Jeri Slaughter, and sophisticated dance, 

it was possible for me to make the mv have atmosphere of fantasy.

2.The impression of Shanghai?

Very big, tall, and broad..its buildings are really beautiful…

and, especially, whenever I visit Shanghai, I come to think that its night view is really beautiful. 

I hope to see night scene of Shanghai at my hotel room tonight.

3.The next plan or schedule?

The concerts will be continuing for long time. I’ve yet determined…

but it seems that the concerts will be continued. So, I hope I can successfully complete the tour. 

And next, there are many options and I haven’t decided could be the musical, or an album, or the TV activities.

4.Which song do you like most?

Umm…I’ve received such a question for several times. Frankly, I’ve made almost all of the songs in the album so that, for me, the songs feel like my children. Thus, it’s difficult to choose just one song. And, which song I like most is depending on my mood on the very day. Well, if I have to choose only one, I’d like to pick up Tarantallegra because I think it is most suitable for the concept of ‘Unequalled.’


Translated by Chocolat


one thing I like about


they always provides  multiple languages in their site and

they always translate something that other web didn’t do



credit astagged


another report for junsu’s visit in Shanghai


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