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[TRANS] 120310 Hayato’s Blog Update

[TRANS] 120310 Hayato’s Blog Update

10 March 2012

Today of last year

Due to the filming of 3V2, I skipped work and went to the Okutama’s kajika frog park with Junsu and the staffs.

In front of me was a really bad pollen due to the cryptomeria forest.

It was the worst condition for me but I wonder how it was for Junsu?
I stuffed my nose with tissue and face mask perfected my guard.

During the filming, Mr X came to whisper at Junsu’s ear.

…If compared to Jaejoong and Yoochun, isn’t this bad…They were really hyper and we took a lot of good videos…

Then, maybe he was driven by those words?…The Junsu we filmed at the hot spring was the best *big laugh*

The things that Mr X did had already been a matter of a year ago.

During my interview, Junsu had answered sincerely. The feelings he had for the fans had excruciatingly been conveyed, I remembered that there’s even a report that staffs even cried.

When we called Junsu for his bath, did you guys also went into the bath?
It becomes an anniversary right? Anyway…ah-I should skip that one *laugh*

Junsu also experienced the Great Tohoku Earthquake the day after of last year…Was it at about 2.46pm of March 11?

It was about 30 minutes after I split up with Junsu and returned to the office.

I was checking up the disaster caused by the tsunami, and quite a while after the information of victims were known. Once in a while, I read about Junsu’s condition on iPhone while waiting for the return of the staffs.

The staffs that went to send Junsu returned after 1 am after midnight.
Since they were hungry, they went to get cup ramen at the convenience store, but sadly there’s only one left.

I once again, pray for the happiness in the next world to those who lost their lives.
And, for those who are living in the disaster area and who are still trying to get back to their normal live, I hope for your heart to revive and feel at ease even a day faster.

And then to the people JYJ had helped who are living in the disaster area and who are making great progress.
They(JYJ) are young, but realizing what oneself could do to help.
I’m really really thankful.
Thank you very much.

After that too, those guys ran swiftly without rest.
The tour in South America, I’m sure they will end it safely and return amidst the storm of great admiration, right?

Just that, let’s ask them to return with a smile.
I think the thing those guys need right now is everyone’s warm smile.

Source: Hayato’s Blog
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please don’t modify the credits

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[translation] of Junsu’s interview that was provided in the “3hree Voices II” photobook!!





Q: Please let us know of an “appeal point” for which you could say “if you were to go out with me, you’ll find these things to be good.”

Junsu: Um… every night (suddenly laughing playfully) E♪very Night♬! Wow, what do I do (now that I’ve said that). What to do! I’ll sing for the woman that I like every night. I’ll sing whatever is requested!

Q: If in the future you get a girlfriend will you reveal that?

Junsu: I won’t hide it. I also don’t want to make it a secret to the fans. It is natural that a person meets another person and begins to like her. It’s not a bad thing. But since that may put her in a bit of a pinch, I am mindful about that. If the girlfriend has no problems I think personally wouldn’t it be fine to tell everyone and date.

Q: If you do a radio broadcast, what kind of a broadcast would you want to do?

Junsu: I want to do a broadcast that is made by everyone together—the things that the listeners worry about, we will talk about, saying “if it were me, I’d do X.” About love, I think the program can give good adbice. The three are all very serious when it comes to love.

Q: The three all joined the soccer team, are they practicing hard?

Junsu: Oh My God (in English)! They are not practicing! It’s only been 3 months since the team was formed. Jaejoong on the first hand joined the team in a position similar to that of a coach. Yoochun joined as a player but does not show enthusiasm… I am thinking about cutting him! Puhahaha!

Source: @listenxiah
Translation CreditJYJ3




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[PIC] A Fan Won Junsu’s Unwashed Yukata :D (via JYJ3)

full of loveeee…….

[PIC] A Fan Won Junsu's Unwashed Yukata :D Remember this post on the 3hree voices Lucky Lottery?  A fan won Junsu’s unwashed Yukata! She wore it already ^^ Source: fooo 521 twitter + jyjtumblr Shared by:  JYJ3 … Read More

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[VIDEO] Fallen Leaves and Run To You / Eisuke Mochizuki’s Live (via JYJ3)

This is pianist, EISUKE MOCHIZUKI’S LIVE at JZBrat Shibuya, TOKYO, JAPAN. The songs are “FALLEN LEAVES” , “RUN TO YOU” from JYJ 3hree Voices 2 soundtrack. “RUN TO YOU” released on iTUNES Worldwide etc. from 22/JUN/2011. Credit: eisukemochizukitv Shared by: JYJ3 … Read More

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