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[NEWS] & [VIDEO] JYJ’s Junsu Does Good in Cambodia

JYJ’s Junsu Does Good in Cambodia

He may be a worldwide superstar, but JYJ’s Junsu shows that he’s got more to give to this world than his vocal skills and good looks. The philanthropic singer just built a school in the region of Pursat in Cambodia!

The singer’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment stated in a press release that a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the school grounds just last week.

Junsu’s mother, 500 students, their families, and village officials were in attendance at the event, and while the star himself couldn’t physically be there, he sent a letter saying that he has plans to visit the school and play with the students. Since 2008, Junsu has worked closely with ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) in Korea. Here’s what the humanitarian agency’s official site says about its organization:

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) was started by the Seventh-day Adventist Church as a way to follow Christ’s example of serving and caring for those in need. Put simply, ADRA improves the lives of people around the world. The agency searches out deprivation, social injustice, and need—then works to eliminate them. ADRA invests in the potential of individuals through advocacy, supporting families, promoting health, providing food and water, establishing livelihoods, and responding to emergencies.

It’s celebrities like Junsu that make the world a little lighter. A big thanks to all the people around the world who helped out someone or something in need this year!

The JYJ member is currently busy tending to his Hallyu duties and preparing for his upcoming role in the musical, Elizabeth.

credit :  MTVK

another translations posted on : Allkpop

Through the generous help of JYJ‘s Junsu, a small village in Cambodia was able to construct a school for its students.

On December 28th, ‘Adra Korea‘ announced the establishment of a ‘Kim Junsu School’ that took five months to build. The school includes six classrooms, a bathroom, and a clean water supply system.

The remote outback town is a part of the Pusat province and has a population of 1,500. It takes approximately three hours by car to travel to the capital. In a country that carries a suffering economy and health system, the town is considered one of the most impoverished within the country.

Junsu’s mother, Yoon Young Mi, visited the area through the aid of a volunteer organization and asked locals what they needed the most. Without hesitation, they had said that they needed a school for their children. After hearing about their needs, Junsu set out to construct a school to aid in the education of impoverished children and to help them find a future and a goal. Touched, the locals shared and donated everything they had to make it a possibility.

The opening ceremony was attended by 500 students and their parents, along with the town officials. The new elementary students put on an adorable show to express their gratitude. Junsu’s mother returned the favor by expressing, “I hope to name this school the ‘Xiah Junsu Evergreen School’ so that the students can preserve dreams as fresh and green as the trees and grow their own futures. I hope that everyone will grow up to become an important leader of our future.”

Junsu wasn’t able to attend due to his musical, ‘Elizabeth‘, but made sure to leave a message stating,“I’d love to visit everyone the next time I get an opportunity and sing and dance with you all.”

The town also set up a gate with the message ‘Kim Junsu Support Town’ to express their gratitude for all he’s done.

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver
Translation by: Allkpop

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