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[Translation] Junsu’s comment for fans waiting for his solo album for the past 9 years


Junsu’s comment for fans waiting for his solo album for the past 9 years

Q: comment for fans who have been waited for his solo album for the past 9 years

It has been release in 9 years…well, it was somewhat belated than I expected..there were many changes to us so that it took more time for me to release the album than I anticipated. Yet..well, it may be sad for me to tell..but now I’m okay and, actually not only I but also members kept finding ways for TV appearance but now, frankly speaking, if it is possible for me to appeare on TV, I don’t hope to appear in the latest TV programs – though the entertainment program may be ok. To tell the truth, as I told you previously, there is a broad gap between ‘I can appear on TV but I’m reluctant’ and ‘I’m unable to appear,’ especially in terms of psychology.

I also anticipated to release the solo album but had many concerns and worries. At first, the chief of the agency(c-jes) gave me suggestion but I rejected because I didn’t want to make my solo album in that way. (translator: that way means no TV appearance, no promotion by mass media) Yet, too many times passed in order to take good time to show better one. Well, the musical has some limitations in communicating with more people. Acting in dramas clearly has some risks – if not, I had some hesitations. Of course, if there is a chance for me to act in drama I might do, but, if comparing it with a music album, it is a matter of fact for me to choose an album. And, when I looked at myself weighing between the two things…I was somewhat sad because the current situation in which I have many difficulties in activities as a singer made me think about acting. Frankly, I like singing. I like singing..if the musical didn’t had singing part but only acting, I would have reluctance to appear in the musical. But there are songs so that I started participating…

Well, it may be late, but now I think if I had released my solo album before, I could not have written and put the songs I hoped to sing. In the end, such an album was what the other made, not the album I hope to make and the music I want to sing for fans. So..I came to think it’s better to release my solo album now. 

And…there are many….frankly, in making the latest album the situation was too pessimistic for me..but, because there have been fans constantly supporting me for 9 years – this is the only one that encouraged me. So, I want to tell you that I was able to release this album because of you. Thank you.
Translated by Chocolat

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[AUDIO/TRANS] 120602 The last question at Synnara Fansign for XIA “Tarantallegra”

Listen to the audio HERE

Q: Fans have been waiting for your solo album for 9 years. Please say something for the fans who have waited.

A: It’s been 9 years since my debut, for us everything has changed a lot more than we expected, and it obviously took a lot more time than I intended. It’s obvious, but to be honest I also..It will be sad when I talk about this issue but I’m fine with it now, so are the other members. Everything was beautiful before but honestly, even though we have appeared on TV and I used to want to appear on variety shows a bit but recently I don’t want to go to TV shows anymore. Frankly, it is really…with that much…But as I have said before… not doing something and not being able to do it is completely different in my mind so honestly, I was really worried when releasing the solo album that I’ve been expecting and waiting for too. At first, when the director proposed the idea, I have rejected his proposal. I didn’t want to release my solo album like this…I want to show better things but waiting again seems so long, also meeting the public through musicals like this obviously has its limits too. Acting in drama is clearly risky. Well even though it’s not that risky and I could so it but I am not satisfied with myself. Since later if there is a good opportunity, I will be able to act in a drama but when comparing it with an album, of course I want to choose an album. When putting them on scales and looking back at myself, I am a bit…The siuation right now is difficult…Working as a singer feels so hard so I have even thought of acting, even though I thought like that but to be honest, I like singing. I really like singing. If musical was only about acting, I would have avoided it too but because I was able to sing, I really like it. That’s why I started (being in musical). Anyway, even though it was late…But when thinking about releasing the album this time, if I did release it years ago, I would obviously not be able to write the music that I want to write like I do right now, it would have been a solo album made by someone else for me. It would not be the music that I want to show, that I want to communicate with my fans so because a solo album is important like that, it’s better to release it now. Also, because of the album this time, I was pessimistic about releasing an album in such situations but because everyone of you has been supporting me for 9 years long…that really gave me strength to release it. So honestly, the album is able to be released thanks to every single one of you. That’s all I want to say. Thank you.

Translated By: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Audio Credit: picnicxiah
Shared By: JYJ3 



[Translation] [Video] Full Talk Time at Junsu Fan Sign Event for fans who bought from Hot Tracks

[Translation] [Video] Full Talk Time at Junsu Fan Sign Event for fans who bought from Hot Tracks

credit :  

Translated by @dlwpdldhkdlwp

-Because this is really a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
-No infringement of copyright intended.
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JS to a manager: What time is it now?

Fans to organizer: 1,2,3 Please turn off the music (played in the background)

JS: Today, yeah, Today, we had the largest number of people, so I think we did not have much time. You heard most info, right?

Fans: (I don’t understand what they are saying)

JS: What should we do? Grant the wishes. Yeah. There. Yes

(00:55) Fan: You said ‘Dew-laden Tree’ is a song for fans. How did you come up with expression ‘fairy’ for fans? There are ‘angel’ and ‘goddess’ too. (fans laugh)

JS: Ah. Oh yeah. It is a good question. I thought about many things. I thought about angel too and also thought about fairy. 

Fan: Goddess

JS: I haven’t thought about goddess.

Fans: laugh

JS: Fairy. I thought about all different things. I liked the nuance of word ‘fairy.’ ‘Angel’ has been used frequently. I thought the nuance was prettier and ‘fairy’ could express preciousness better than ‘angel.’ So I used it although it sounds little cheesy.

Fans: clap

Fan: Thank you

Man: We will get one more question

Fans: Oh….no… genie time…

JS: We will do until 9pm. 

Fans: clap

Fan: Oppa

JS: Yeah? Yes

(2:22) Fan: Do you have any talent (eg. Imitating, gag) that you are practicing nowadays?

JS: I don’t have any.

Fans: Me! Me! Me!

JS: Yes, the one with the loudest voice

(2:38) Fan: Oppa, can you tell us a song that you listen most frequently nowadays? Can you sing it long?

Fans: clap

JS: Nowadays, honestly?

Fans: Yes

JS: I listen to it most frequently.

Fans: Which one?

JS: Xia’s Tarantallegra

Fans: scream & clap

JS: I am sorry but I haven’t listened to many other songs because I was monitoring (myself).

Fan: Please sing your favorite song

Fans: Please sing Tarantallegra. Please sing both songs.

JS: Sing what?

Fans: Tarantallegra

JS: Do you want me to sing that song with microphone without any background music?

Fans: Yes. Scream& clap

(3:33) JS: Do you want me to tell you an interesting/funny episode?

Fans: Yes

JS: You know the chorus part.

Fan: Oppa, please looks this way too.

JS: (he looks that way) yes the chorus part. Now that part is ‘Tarantallegra Enjoy’ but originally I wanted to make sound like more like…like Thai?…how should I explain? Something like natives feeling for the music. I did the guide before recording (He sings in weird language) in a language that doesn’t make sense. I also put bambaya in the middle and ‘ra~ha~’too. If you listen, you can hear my voice in the middle. It will be fun to find them.

Fan: Oppa

JS: Yes the one in the left at the end.

(4:50) Fan: You have been nominated for Best Male Actor Award as Elisabeth’s ‘Tod’ for Musical Awards. (fans clapped) Please tell us how you feel and express through dancing/choreography (fans clapped)

JS: I could not hear because of clapping.

Fan: Please tell us how you feel and express through dancing

JS: Doing something active using my body makes me feel shy/embarrassed. 

Fans: It is just between us

(5:27) JS: I can’t express. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.

Fan: Please, look forward to be awarded.

Fans: clap. Fighting, fighting

JS: From two years ago, I feel thankful so much.

Fan: You will receive it

Fan: Let’s go for 10 years.

Fans: Let’s go for forever. Forever

JS: There are so many outstanding actors.

Fans: Yay~~~~~ (meaning no/they disagree)

JS: What is it? *burst in laughter. Don’t expect too much. You know those things.

Fans: what thing?

Fan: Are you looking forward for the award?

JS: What?

Fan: Are you looking forward for the award?

JS: Little bit. * burst in laughter. But I look forward to it always. It is weird not to expect when you are nominated. I meant that way.

Fan: Do you think you will receive it?

JS: No. No.

Fans: Yay~~~

JS: There are many good actors from Jo Seungwoo senpei and there is also Park Gunhyung-hyung

Fans: laughing

JS: I feel satisfied that I was nominated for two years. And I feel satisfied that I can perform a special/celebratory stage at the award ceremony.

Fans: clap. Me. Me. Me.

(6:55) JS: Pointed at a fan.

Fan who got chosen: kyaa~

JS: Yes

Fan: Say ‘Rakna Jjoub jjoub’ in Korean. *Fans scream. Rakna Jjoub Jjoub. ‘Saranghae Jjok Jjok’!

JS: I can’t do this

Fans: please.

JS: Saranghae Jjok Jjok (I love you kiss kiss)

Fans: kyaa~

JS: How many minutes do we have?

Fans: me? Me?

Man: we only blah blah Fans saying no

JS: Really the last one. The last one.

Fans: me! Me! Me!

JS: Because it is the last one, I will not answer the one that I don’t like and one’s that is boring. Fan on the right.

(7:45) Fan: When you were doing Tarantallegra, you sat on the chair (she is referring to the concert)

JS: Yes

Fan: You could see fans and the time was quite long. How did you feel like?

JS: I felt like in one word ‘I feel like dying.’ Ummm. To be honest, it was to create cool effect but also it was for me to rest. Originally, there was no chair and I was supposed to stand still. But during rehearsals, my legs were trembling so much. So I told them to let me sit. Because we have the chair from the music video too, it won’t just look like I am taking rest. Without it(rest), I thought I couldn’t do ‘Fever.’

Fans: Ah~

JS: So, to look that and to rest. Although I did not have any expression, inside I felt like I was going to die.

Fan: You looked awesome. Fans clap

Man: Unfortunately today’s blah blah
(9:10) JS: Really, really last! Really the last one. Yes.

Fan: Oppa, please sing ‘Etude of Memories’

JS: What?

Fan: ‘Etude of Memories’

Fans: scream. ‘etude of memories.’ Kim dongryul’s song. Some fans even sang.

JS: I really don’t know the song. I don’t know the lyrics. There.

Fans: Lyrics

JS: What?

Fans: Lyrics (a fan had a paper with lyrics)

JS: Did you contact each other before? Oh, I really don’t know the song.

Fans: You sang it before.

JS: Oh! It is the song I sang before!

Fans: Yes.

JS: Ah, because I didn’t sing the beginning part so I didn’t know it.

Fans: ;lqkwejlfakjdhlbkjakdjf (I don’t know what they are saying)

JS: I think I need to sing it loudly

Fans: (sing it) Long~!!!

JS: I really do not know the melody for the beginning part. *Sins. *laughs. *sings

Fans: clap & scream

JS: Thank you. 

Fans: Thank you. OH! Good bye! Be careful with your head!




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