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[Video] JYJ “Do it Now” campaign’s CF

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[Video] JYJ Do It Now TV CF!!

because I like the ad

┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘〜♪〜♪ ~

normal or tv version

the translation for the video above :

Campaign to Protect Personal Information

[Change into a Hairstyle that Goes with the Outfit]

[Change into a Healthy Lifestyle for the sake of Health]

[Change into the smart device that is of the Latest Trend]

Yoochun: You want me to change my password again? Arg, so annoyed.

Jaejoong + Junsu: 0, 0, 7, 0!

Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu: Yow!!

Yoochun: What? How did you know (my password)?

Junsu: For years you’re using 0070.

Yoochun: I should change it.

Jaejoong: Change it into what?

Yoochun: Move over!

Yoochun: The thing you must change is your password for the internet!

Junsu: Take care of your unused ID’s!

Jaejoong: As for your using the social security number, switch to using the i-PIN numbers!

Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu: With JYJ, change it now!

Jaejoong + Yoochun + Junsu: Do it now!

for cinema version

and the making

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[Audio] 11.09.02 JYJ DO IT NOW! campaign (eng subs)

Do it now campaign, 11 pics and 4 audios

credit : aqua_princess

this one the translation

credit : 

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