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[TRANS] 2012-09-21 Tweet Conversation between Jaejoong and Junsu


first trans comes from XIAHPress


[TRANS] 2012-09-21 Tweet Conversation between Jaejoong and Junsu

[Trans of Junsu tweets 俊秀推特翻译]

Kim jae joong @mjjeje
@1215thexiahtic 준수야 ^^

김준수 @1215thexiahtic
@mjjeje 형~왜!^^

Kim jae joong @mjjeje
@1215thexiahtic 보고싶어서~ㅋ

김준수 @1215thexiahtic
@mjjeje 지금 바로 내 뒤에있잖아…^^;;

Kim jae joong @mjjeje
@1215thexiahtic ㅋㅋㅋㅋ뒷통수말고 너의 정면얼굴이 보고싶어

김준수 @1215thexiahtic
@mjjeje 뒤돌아보려고 했는데…갑자기 뭔가 부끄러워…;;ㅎㅎ

Kim jae joong @mjjeje
@1215thexiahtic 요러구있네~ㅋ

JaeJoong: Junsu ah^^

Junsu: Hyung~why!^^

JaeJoong: I missed you~ ke

Junsu: Aren’t you behind me now…^^;;

JaeJoong: kekekeke don’t want to see your back, i want to see your face

俊秀:其實我想回一下頭的…但是忽然有點兒不好意思…;; ㅎㅎ
Junsu: Actually i want to turn back… but i’m shy suddenly…;; hehe

在中:原來是這樣呀~ ㅋ
JaeJoong: Oh i see~ ke

Source: Junsu & JaeJoong Tweets
Chinese Trans: 楠楠思密達喲
English Trans: Baojaesoul
Shared by: Xiah Press


2nd version of trans by : Min


[Today’s Tweet Conversation between Jaejoong and Junsu-Trans]

JJ: Junsu^^

JS: Hyung~ Why!^^ (It means ‘why do you call me?’)

JJ: I just miss you~ㅋ

JS: You’re just behind me right now…^^;;

JJ: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I want to see your face, not your back looking

JS: I tried to look back… But, suddenly, I’m so shy…;;ㅎㅎ

JJ: You’re doing like this~ㅋ
(We use this words when we make someone embarrassed..
or when we get away from awkward situation..
I think he use it as 1st meaning)

JS: Huhuhu..

10 hours later….

JJ: Junsu, I think we’re so happy when we are togetherㅋ
Would you be willing to live together?

JS: I’ll go to your home…

JS: Yoochun is so funny…ㅋㅋ just like a comedian

[JJ’s Tweet to JS-] Yoochun.. He is so funny todayㅎㅎ Ah, I’d like to ‘Replay’ the things to happen todayㅋ


btw just want to add a pic,

because this is new pic, and JYj looks really delicious (ssst…especailly Junsu,ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)


this is from their new endorsement product



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[PICS] 20120416 FACEBOOK updating about JUNSU’s SOLO album NEWS


this the first time (I think) of him showing of his left side face. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

he is sooooooooo freaking good looking on those pictures


there were jaejoong pictures also on their FB page

CREDIT : JYJ Official added 7 new photos to the album Junsu and Jaejoong @Studio.



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[Trans] 111227-120101 Post Of JYJ Tweets

[Trans] 111227-120101 Post Of JYJ Tweets

(repost only some parts from the original post :p for full trans click the title of this post)

(Junsu, 12:20am KST, 111231) Yoochun~~ Your award is more precious because you received it in such a difficult situation^^ Congratulations.. and great job~!!

(Gi Kwang, 11:14pm KST, 111230) Another amazing thing happened on the way back from receiving a great award…. The power of B2UTY is more than I could have ever imagined….. They’re the best in the whole universe..!
(Junsu, 12:20am KST, 111231) Congratulations to you too, Gi Kwang~^^
(Gi Kwang, 3:33pm KST, 111231) @1215thexiahtic Wow haha hyung kekeke When did you change Twitter accounts keke I didn’t know kekekeke I was so surprised because I just found out keke Thanks hyung^^!~ haha, but where are you right now, Teacher~.~
(Junsu, 4:27pm KST, 111231) @B2stGK I’m out eating~~!! What about you?

lolol The three bowling musketeers?
(Byung Han, 10:11pm KST, 111230) From the opposing team, Junho scored 180 while I got 191^^ Though I won yet again with a score of 2 against 1, the two of us are the best. Let’s leave Jungoo out of it lol

(Junsu, 12:24am KST, 111231) @code07lim  Look here hyung…. you say all that and leave out the fact that 97 points were scored (T/N: it isn’t specified by who)… and the fact that I won at the end keke
(Byung Han, 12:26am KST, 111231) @1215thexiahtic Who? kekeke I’ll only acknowledge you and Junho! We’re the best trio out there, but tell everyone that no one else is allowed to join
(Junsu, 12:29am KST, 111231) @code07lim  We’re the only No.1′s lol

Happy new year to you too kiddo!
(Junsu, 12:18am KST, 120101) Happy new year^^

Yay *throws confetti*
(Jaejoong, 1:51am KST, 120101) I was able to receive a valuable award that I could never have accepted easily.. Thank you so much, everyone^^ I wonder why this one award feels so heavy.. Thank you!

Pay more attention to your lovely duckbutt Jaejoong!
(Jaejoong, 7:08pm KST, 120101) @1215thexiahtic Junsu, I just found out that you changed your Twitter account ㅠ I had an after party with some of our company coworkers at my restaurant and I heard that you put so much energy into playing soccer that you just slept because you were tired. kekekeke I swear, you’d be a soccer player if you were reborn. Mmhmm.
(Junsu, 7:41pm KST, 120101) @mjjeje keke Hyung!! Congratulations on yesterday~ We’ve really done it^^

Source: [Jaejoong+Junsu+Others’ Twitter]
Translated & Shared by:

via :  fashion follows yoochun




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[Twitter] Junsu’s update his twitter Oct 29 & 30, 2011 and updates again


the 29th

he kept his promise to his fans, LoL


천사시아..여깄다..ㅜ on Twitpic

the 30th
because he’s in a very good mood, taking a lot of great pictures and shares with fans. XD

(Junsu, 1:36am KST) Nice and cozy.. we’re sightseeing^^ The wind…. feels great

오순도순..관광중^^바람.....좋다 on Twitpic

(Junsu, 2:09am KST) Yo~ A photo with a concept One 

요~컨셉사진 One on Twitpic

(Junsu, 2:17am KST) A photo with a concept~ two keke 

컨셉사진~twoㅋㅋ on Twitpic

(Junsu, 2:23am KST) I look like I’m in a good mood.. heehee Look at my right hand lol

기분좋아보이는 나..히히  오른손 봐봐ㅋ on Twitpic

(Junsu, 1:54am KST) It’s what I like seeing.. a sunset..^^ 

내가좋아하는..노을이다..^^ on Twitpic

(Junsu, 2:48am KST) Goodnight~ guys!

잘자~얘들아! on Twitpic

full translation can read it from 

via dongbangdata

[TRANS] 111030 Post Of JYJ Tweets

another twits, convo with his soccer mates

via dongbangdata

[TRANS] 111031-111101 Post Of JYJ Tweets

and at 1 Nov 2011
the first thing
@0101xiahtic does when arrived at berlin airport is twitting
to let his fans know JYJ has safely landed

베를린 도착~좋다..시원해 on Twitpic[TRANS] Arrival in Berlin~ Good.. So cool

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[NEWS] 110713 Kim Jaejoong wants Junsu to appear on “I Am A Singer”

It was revealed that JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s teammate, Kim Junsu, want to make appearance on MBC TV’s “Our Sunday Night – I am a Singer”.

Kim Jaejoong said in the interview with TVReport on the 11th, “After watching ‘I am a Singer’, I think it’s great and remarkable,” and “If it’s possible, I want Kim Junsu to appear on that program.”

Then he added, “Junsu is not a picky person. It seems that he can show a very wide variety of music genres.”

He also said, “I have talked with Junsu (about it before), we think that to appear and sing on ‘I am a Singer’ is a great honor and it has a lot of meaning. The songs ranking doesn’t matter. It’s like an honor to appear (on the program), even for only one week.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will play Cha Muwon on SBS TV’s drama ‘Protect the Boss’ which will start airing from the 3th next month, co-starring Jisung, Choi KangHee and Wang JiHye.

Translation CreditJYJ3

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu’s stiff expression & eyes blazed with an intense stare in Jaejoong’s “Two Shot” posted on twitter! (via iXiahCassie)

[NEWS] Kim Junsu's stiff expression & eyes blazed with an intense stare in Jaejoong's "Two Shot" posted on twitter! On July 12th, around 2:10pm, Kim Jaejoong posted a picture of him and Junsu on his twitter profile with the comment, “This is our two shot.” The Kim Junsu in this photo might have a stiff expression but his eyes blazed with an intense stare. Next to him with his arm around Junsu is Kim Jaejoong wearing a thick necklace with a sleeveless shirt, making his hard muscles stand out. The fans who saw this picture reactions: “Can we soften Junsu’s expre … Read More

via iXiahCassie

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[Trans] 110707 JYJ’s Jaejoong “My Dream Home Come True” (via fashion follows yoochun)

[Trans] 110707 JYJ's Jaejoong "My Dream Home Come True" Popular group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has signed a contract with a new apartment in an area which is currently undergoing establishment. JYJ officials stated on July 7th through a telephone interview with Star News that, “With the profits Jaejoong has made with their JYJ World Tour, it has come to the event that Jaejoong has signed a contract with a new apartment complex. As it is the first time he is to have a home under his own name and to be able t … Read More

via fashion follows yoochun

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[TRANS] 110707 Jaejoong And Junsu Move Into The Same 3 Billion Won High-Rise Apartment And Become Neighbors (via )

[TRANS] 110707 Jaejoong And Junsu Move Into The Same 3 Billion Won High-Rise Apartment And Become Neighbors JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu have become neighbors in a luxury high-rise apartment. Last month, Kim Junsu moved into a high-rise residential building in Samsung-dong, Seoul. It has been revealed that Kim Jaejoong will be moving into the penthouse of the same apartment next month as interior remodelling is currently being done. This high-rise apartment is already called ‘Star Town’ as it is home to many celebrities such as Lee Hyori, Lee Seung … Read More


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[PICS] New PICS of JaeSu @ Vietnam (via JYJ3)

so HQ and so CUTE
Junsu just be the way you are
and love will comes to you all the way

[PICS] New PICS of JaeSu @ Vietnam   Credits: Xiahick + Maze Shared By: JYJ3 … Read More

via JYJ3

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[VID + TRANS] Jaejoong and Junsu Have Cute/Awkward Convos with Park Jisung in the Press Conference (via JYJ3)

[0:23] MC: A bit of resting time! The three men are spotted by the camera— MC: Just what could be so fun? Curious curious! Let’s sneak a peek. MC: Jaejoong is saying something to Player Park Jisung! Jaejoong: Junsu says that he wants to play on the field with you ^_^. Hahahahahahahaha Junsu: Ah, I really did want to run on the field, but now that I am seeing you up this close Jaejoong: Ahahaha … Read More

via JYJ3

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