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[TRANS] 120322 Exclusive interview with JYJ Junsu’s twins brother JUNO: “Hidden episode of two very different brothers”

[TRANS] 120322 Exclusive interview with JYJ Junsu’s twins brother JUNO: “Hidden episode of two very different brothers”

JUNO is also known as JYJ Junsu’s twin older brother. He is currently busy with his activities as a model and a singer in China and Japan but from the upcoming April, he is planning to show a new side of himself through domestic activities as an actor. Busy with international schedule, he still came back to Korea for a little while and had an interview with Woman Dong-a Daily News before going to Japan.

We started off with a reminiscent talk about the resemblance and the difference between JUNO and his twin younger brother, and then eventually, I have had a nice time interviewing the charming JUNO.

– You and your twin brother Junsu-sshi really look alike but it seems there are a lot of resemblances and also many differences between you two. 

We are fraternal twins so of course we look a bit different. We are only 1 minute apart but my height and my body frame are much bigger. Since we were young, we have already given off different vibes. As I see, Junsu has a kind of charm that you will never get bored when looking at him.

– There was already a height difference since you were young?

I think since kindergarten, there was already a height difference of 5-10cm between us. When we were young, we visited our hometown after a long time and my grandmother said to my brother “Aigoo, so now Junsu is already as tall as hyung”, but after she saw me; she said again “Now I’m afraid that won’t happen”. (Laugh)

– What do you do when you are with your brother?

We often play soccer and bowling. We both like sports. Sometimes, we also play games together. These days, we talk a lot about music. My brother likes composing songs but I like writing lyrics so if he composes a song, I will be the one writing its lyrics.

– The relationship between you two seems very good.

Yes, but our personalities are really different. If I were a curved line then Junsu would be a straight line. I am cautious and take a lot of time to make up my mind but when Junsu decides on something, he won’t hesitate at all. He is a type of person that goes right away when he says ‘Let’s go’. I think he is manlier than me.

– Your personalities and you appearance don’t match. JUNO-sshi looks manlier.

I always say “The reason behind the good relationship between two of us is me”. I am the one who calls him and takes care of him more. When it’s time to say goodbye after having a family gathering, by the time I greet our mother, give our father a hug then slowly walk away, Junsu would be long gone. Sometimes when we are having a conversation, he suddenly says “I got to go” then leaves immediately. (Laugh) He is blunt like that but unexpectedly, he does care a lot about our family and it touches me. One time I asked him “What happened?”, and then he answered “I don’t say this out but I do think a lot of our family members.” He is not good at expressing himself but he thinks about us a lot deep inside his heart.

– Is there any interesting episode happened because you are twins?

Well, people don’t believe we are twins. When we were young, we went to a stationary store and said to the owner ajusshi “We are twins” but he said “Little kids, you already told lies at this age.” and lectured us.

– During 3 days staying in Korea, you and your family has watched Junsu perform in the musical “Elisabeth’. What do you think after watching it?

‘He is really the best’, I felt that once again. I have watched him perform in other musicals before and thought he was good but this time, he did a really splendid job. From his facial expressions, his footsteps to his gestures, he is so sexy that the female audiences can’t help but completely falling for him.

– You are really proud of your brother. JUNO-sshi, what do you think you are better than your younger brother? 

Height? Haha. Thanks to my height, I am able to work as a model in Japan. Also, I can become close quickly with many people. I only think positively when I am at work. My brother is a type of person who gives everything to only people he is close with but I am a type that can be nice equally to many people.

– Then, what do you want to learn from your younger brother?

Singing, dancing, and stage presence like a real artist. I have learnt a lot about music from him. As a singer, he is my sunbae.

Source: Donga News
Translated by: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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this interview was like a confirmation of what I know about junsu,
I saw junsu just exactly like junho said.
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