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[TRANS] 120914 Junsu Twitter Update

 ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆

actually, I don’t really update Junsu’s twitter,

but this time, he made a convoy with his football mates,

can’t help it,

they are such a funny boys.

lets check what they were talking about ^^

 ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆

credit twitter to:

@code07lim @youngfeel: @1215thexiahtic @Songyoujoong @duduubub @Songyoujoong @yoyoyks  @plmok30


[TRANS] 120914 Junsu Twitter Update

FC MEN love…. poor Young Pil 😉

(You Joong, 2:24pm KST, 120914) @youngfeel @code07lim Young Pil, let’s just let Byung Han be the goalkeeper keke
(Young Pil, 2:32pm KST, 120914) @Songyoujoong You’re talking nonsense again~~~~^^
(Byung Han, 4:09pm KST, 120914) @youngfeel @Songyoujoong kekeke I’m half for this and half not
(Junsu, 10:10pm KST, 120914) @code07lim @youngfeel @Songyoujoong Young Pil hyung, can’t you seriously consider just taking a break for this match..?
(Junsu, 10:11pm KST, 120914) @code07lim @youngfeel @Songyoujoong Just this once, let’s leave it in the hands of Byung Han hyung….
(Young Pil, 10:21pm KST, 120914) @1215thexiahtic What is this… Have you forgotten what I did during the match with Samsung? You’re provoking me again~~ Have you forgotten that I blocked that penalty kick???
(Junsu, 10:22pm KST, 120914) @youngfeel When was that..? Sorry… I can’t seem to remember it… seriously
(You Joong, 10:27pm KST, 120914) @1215thexiahtic @youngfeel Let’s just take him out of the equation from the beginning for strategic purposes. Young Pil, it’s for the team so could you just be in Korea that day?
(Junsu, 10:30pm KST, 120914) @Songyoujoong @youngfeel Yes, hyung… We’ll tell everyone it was because of your back… Take a break… If we win, it will all be thanks to you…^^

And it goes on~ and on~
(Byung Han, 4:11pm KST, 120914) Our last open match of the season is scheduled for November. Please wait for us to return, our Korean FC MEN fans~^^
(Jung Jin, 10:14pm KST, 120914) @code07lim I wish I could go to the open matchㅠㅠ
(Junsu, 10:17pm KST, 120914) @duduubub Jung Jin.. Please tell Young PIl hyung that it’s really okay to take a break.. I heard his back is troubling him.. and it would be bad if he got hurt… please tell him to rest up^^
(Young Hwan, 10:21pm KST, 120914) @1215thexiahtic @duduubub His back is troubling him? That’s too bad.. I guess it can’t be helped then…
(Junsu, 10:23pm KST, 120914) @plmok30 Yes! His back.. is hurting him… He should take a breakㅜ I guess it can’t be helped then
(Jung Jin, 10:23pm KST, 120914) @plmok30 @1215thexiahtic kekekekekeke I haven’t heard him say anything about his back hurting him.. keke What should we do kekekeke
(Junsu, 10:24pm KST, 120914) @duduubub No, I heard it’s hurting him… I guess Byung Han hyung has no choice but to take over and do everything that day….
(Young Pil, 10:31pm KST, 120914) Everyone’s back starts hurting as they age. Your’s will start hurting too once you get older~~~~ If you keep acting like this, PenzalQ, thank you!!!
(Junsu, 10:33pm KST, 120914) @youngfeel kekekekekekekekekekekekeke Please stop……
(Young Pil, 10:34pm KST, 120914) @1215thexiahtic Okay~~~~^^ So let’s kiss and make up~~ Or we’ll both end up dead~~ I won’t go down alone~~~~~^^
(Junsu, 10:35pm KST, 120914) @youngfeel Anyway… You’ll be taking a break that day^^ Thanks hyung
(You Joong, 10:38pm KST, 120914) @youngfeel @1215thexiahtic I agree with our captain’s decision. While we’re at it, we should just remove Young Pil’s name from all overseas matches keke
(Junsu, 10:40pm KST, 120914) @Songyoujoong Hyung, just put Young Pil hyung’s name in just for the performances^^ I’ll take full responsibility for it

And it’s still going XD
*Response to This tweet -> (Junsu, 10:11pm KST, 120914) @code07lim @youngfeel @Songyoujoong Just this once, let’s leave it in the hands of Byung Han hyung….*
(Kwang Seon, 12:17am KST, 120915) @1215thexiahtic kekekekekekekeke Oh Junsu hyung kekekekekeke Is this a complete trust in Byung Han hyun or a complete distrust in Young Pil hyung kekekeke
(Junsu, 3:21am KST, 120915) @yoyoyks I think it’s the latter…

Source: [Junsu + Others’ Twitter]
Translated & Shared by:
 ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆ ❤☆
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[TRANS] 120216 Soccer Team Captain Junsu, Fights His Way Through Bowling With His Brother

[TRANS] 120216 Soccer Team Captain Junsu, Fights His Way Through Bowling With His Brother

The soccer team FC MEN, which JYJ’s Kim Junsu (25) is the captain of, will be holding a Tohoku Earthquake Charity match at the Kokuritsu Kyougijou (National Stadium) on 28 April.

The opponent will be “Team Yoshimoto + Selected Artists Team”. Members of this team include JichouKachou’s Kawamoto Junichi (36), Shizuru’s Murakami Jun (31), Penalty’s Wacky and others.

“Scheduled to make an appearance for the Korean team are Junsu, his brother Juno (25), 3 members from Beast, Yeoseob (22), Ki Kwang (21) and Doojoon (22), Shinhwa’s Minwoo (32), 5 members from the rookie group M.E.N., that are expected to make their debut in Japan this year, and others.” (Organizing Personnel)

This team, with a line-up of handsome K-Pop idols, are the strongest eleven, who have won the Korean Entertainer’s Soccer League tournament. According to the official website of the team, SS501′s leader Kim Hyunjoong (25) and JYJ’s Yoochun (25) are also members.

“Practice is 3 times a week, for 3 hours each day. In preparation for the match, the focus now is on set-pieces. The mood-maker, Junsu, is the most fired up.” (Organizing Personnel)

Team leader Junsu is also concerned with strengthening the friendship between the members. The team moves as a group to the practice grounds in the same bus, and during trainings, he encourages them to shout out loud energetically and enjoy themselves. While in the bus on their way back to Seoul, it is also routine for the members to have an “evaluation session” facilitated by Junsu.

“(The team) goes out for meals or to bowl, and their cohesiveness has increased. They do not drink alcohol. For bowling, Junsu’s brother, JUNO, is the best at it. With consecutive strikes, he (once got) a high score of 200 points, his average score is 170 points.” (Relevant Team Personnel)

K-Pop performances are also being planned for that day, and more than 50,000 audiences are expected to be at the National Stadium. It seems like it will be an anticipated match between Japan and Korea.

Source : [Josei Jishin via]
Translated & Shared by :
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[Pics] Elisabets’s Drama Musical Backstage Pictures with Junsu – 1

With Parent

With Mom


Mom with Poster


With Yoochun and Min Young Ki


With Mr. Levay


With (B3ast) Gikwang and his 2 FC Men’s member


taken from twitter

yun y m @zunoxiahmom

Min Young Ki @poimin73

강한승 @kanghanseung84

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[TRANS] 111230 FC Men teammate tweets photo of Captain Junsu with FC Men ^___^

@code07lim posted  a pic  on 30 dec 2011;

축구경기는 승리로~ 우리 단체사진에 집중~ 볼링랭킹으로 계단에 앉았다는^^ 일등석이 맨밑에는 웃지 말라고 했다는ㅋ

[TRANS] Soccer match victory~ Concentrate on our group photo~ We sat on the stairs using bowling ranking style ^^ The top rank people told the people in the lower ranks to not smile.

Source: @code07lim
Translation by: Shermin for JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.

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[PICS] 111119 Junsu Playing for FC MEN


[PICS] 111119 Junsu Playing for FC MEN (via jyj3)

[PICS] 111119 Press Photos of Junsu Playing for FC Men (Via JYJ3)

[PICS] 111119 Junsu Playing for FC MEN, Part 2

[PICS] 111119 Junsu Playing for FC MEN, Part 3


Via Junsoogo








[FANCAM] 111119 Junsu Playing for FC MEN via JYJ3

[FANCAM] 111119 Junsu Playing for FC MEN via bewithtvxq

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[Fancam] Final Peace Soccer game FC MEN vs FC Miracle 20111019


though the other member did the same, but wihen junsu doing it, it feel different.  ƪ(♥▿♥)ʃ

credit : 

credit : 

the game it self was pretty intense, because the first half FC Men was lost 1-3  (´・_・`)!

credit : 

credit : 

but finally the second half they’re able to turn the table with : 3-0

he made a goal , yeay  \(´▽`)/

credit : 

credit : 

and the other 2 goals made by his friends

credit : 

credit : 

♬ finally they Win, FC MEN WON. ♬


final score was 4-3 for FC Men

credit : 

credit : 

hope next year he will play again and being the winner again. 



pictures again……… 

click thi link : 

click this link too : super HQ :  sarakxiah


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[NEWS] ‘Kim Junsu And Yoon Du Jun Are The Star Players’, FC MEN Wins The Celebrity Soccer Tournament

[NEWS] ‘Kim Junsu And Yoon Du Jun Are The Star Players’, FC MEN Wins The Celebrity Soccer Tournament

FC MEN, captained by JYJ’s Kim Junsu, has won the celebrity soccer tournament Peace Star Cup.

In the finals match between FC MEN and Miracle FC (captained by Kim Yong Man) on the 19th at the Suwon World Cup Stadium, FC MEN turned the tables around in their favor and won the match 4:3.

FC MEN sent their best players, including JYJ’s Kim Junsu, B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun and Lee Gi Kwang, and Park Sung Kwang, on the soccer field and received loud cheers as they played like professionals.

In the tournament for the first half of the year, FC MEN and FC Libero (captained by Seo Gyeong Seok) were locked in a fierce battle in the finals. In this match, Kim Junsu and Yoon Gyeong Sik were the star players as they scored four goals, clinching the victory for their team.B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun’s performance earned him the ‘Suwon Bluewings FC MEN, Man of the year’ title from his fellow teammates and the Samsung Bluewings team.

Meanwhile, FC MEN officially became a part of Suwon Samsung Bluewings this April and features Suwon Samsung’s key player Jung Sung Ryong as its honorary coach. The team features 12 popular stars such as JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Hyun Joong, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang and Yoon Du Jun, Lee Wan and Seo Ji Seok.

Source: [star news mk]
Translated & Shared by:
re-up by: iXiahCassie

for pictures iXiahCassie made a compilation, one click and whoalaaaaaa… the cutest man in blue appear… ^__^

[PICS-HQ] 111019 FC MEN vs FC MIRACLE complete HQ pics compilations!

another site provide junsu’s soccer pics is XiahXication ^___^

(Fotos) 19.10.11 FCMEN VS MIRACLE by: yamisuke(Parte 15)

and yeayyyy……….Vids…

[VIDEO-NEWS] 111020 Kim Junsu’s FC MEN winning 2011 Peace Star on OBS News (No Subs)

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