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Kim Junsu Tops the August V-chart of China YinYueTai & a Music Critic Gives His Comments

Chinese Fans are very supportive

Since Tarantallegra album untuk this Uncommitted Single

They’re working very hard to make Junsu recognize by public

The MV of Tarantallegra was making number 1 for weeks

And now for Uncommitted Single they made this MV most watching for 2 weeks already


The Chinese fans is very committed to JYJ

Last time Jaejoong and Yoochun’s Fan meeting in china were successful too.


Good review again


Kim Junsu Tops the August V-chart of China YinYueTai & a Music Critic Gives His Comments

Music critic for the August V-chart of China YinYueTai: BaoBao (爆爆), the Executive Chief Editor of the South Korea Division of Cool Music (Cool轻音乐), a famous Chinese magazine for K-pop & J-pop

Today, Kim Junsu has the first-class background, the first-class talent, the first-class diligence and the first-class popularity, so it is almost as sure as nails that his new single—Uncommitted—will top the August V-chart. What’s more commendable than his incredible talent is that he never forgets who he is despite all the fame and success he has gained. Unquestionably he is now in a position where he can make his fans go crazy for him by only doing some sexy duckbutt-shaking or high notes. But he doesn’t want to stay where he is. He wants to be a real singer, a singer who wants to make everyone fall for his singing and dancing in spite of the lack of fair promotion on TV.

A globally best team was put together for Uncommitted. This R&B pop song, written and composed by Bruce Automatic Vanderveer, takes Junsu away from the K-pop world and into the western music world. Although one cannot connect Junsu in reality with the playboy described in the MV, Junsu’s acting as a good man with a playboy history is convincing since he has proven himself that he can successfully express temptation, Yuppie and darkness through his eyes. In this MV directed by Marc Klasfeld, a famous MV director for super stars, Junsu is telling you a love story through his eyes in every scene. With “Angel Xiah” (a characteristic gesture of Junsu, with both hands under his chin, a slight tilt of his head and the tadpole-like smiling eyes) in our memories, Junsu has grown up to be a brave and reliable man. Uncommitted? No. Junsu has been fulfilling the commitments he’s made to himself and his fans, as always; and he has been surprising us, as always.

Only the Junsu-related is translated.
Credit: China YinYueTai (
Translated and shared by Xiah Press
Please do not remove or alter the credits.

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[TRANS] 111211 2011 Xiahday – The “Test” Especially Made for Junsu

I don’t have much time, so I just linked these topics. kkkkk.

too lazy to repost, it’s midnight when I made this post. :p

[TRANS] 111211 2011 Xiahday – Part 3.2: The “Test” Especially Made for Junsu

[TRANS] 111211 2011 Xiahday – Part 3.1: The “Test” Especially Made for Junsu

[TRANS] 2011 Xiahday, Part 6 – Five-syllable Talk From Xiahday Event

those were very funny,

Xiahday’s team is awesome

they able to make this event success in every Xiahday

It said that :

1500 fans attended this event, including fans who flew in from Japan and China.

more pics  on JYJ3

[PICS] 111211 2011 Xiahday – Part 4: The Event

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[VIDEOS] 111214 Xiahday

[VIDEOS] 111214 Xiahday

Xiahday Donation Photo Exhibition
Donations from this event will be given to Good Neighbors and other charities

Shared by: JYJ3

below was from beyondmonica ‘s twits :

[TRANS] Seeing JYJ’s members care about each other, I am so envious. How is it that saying i love you comes out without any trouble from men? It seems that three of them consider each of them as their own self. Who do I have by my side? ‘Friend’ is just a word. It’s pretty hard and scary, sometimes sad. I lack something. To be someone’s good friend.

Source: @beyondmonica
Translation by: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Tip: Cindy

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[TWITTER] 111215 Junsu’s twitter update!

this post should be posted earlier :p

but I’m happy the real UPDATE of junsu’s Twit (meaning when I updated my blog about Junsu’s twit, and junsu JUST twitted it) and it was my 333rd post on wordpress. 

yeay!!!! 3… Three is my fav number ^^

and below were twits he made before my 333rd post ^^

so this is my 334rd post ^^

[TWITTER] 111215 Junsu’s twitter update! #xiahday

so funny, they are twin and they are congratulate each other

what a wonderful brotherhood relationship ♡♡

from JUNO_Japan aka Kim Junho (Junsu’s twin brother. and yes, of course its also his birthday! *Duh*) said :

:@0101xiahtic: My doppleganger Junsu-yah!! Happy birthday~ Since we’ve both been busy, we’ve never really celebrated our birthdays together before huh.. Eat lots of delicious things with your Korean friends and have a good time! Thank you as always!!♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪

from @0101xiahtic  to  JUNO_Japan

[TRANS] @0101xiahtic : @JUNO_Japan “Thank you as always hyung~! ^^”

translated and shared by : WithJunsu.

below were twits from junsu’s friends, they were congratulated him,

Happy Birthday, Our Junsu!♥ #xiahday

from : poimin73  Min Young-ki (a musical actor and Junsu’s friend) :said :

“@0101xiahtic : “Junsu-yah, happy birthday! although i’m sure every every single day is the best day!!! because you’re here, ‘Elisabeth’ is really strong!! Hwaiting! Xiahtod, Happy birthday!!!!!!”

from : fcmen17 Yoon Gyeong-sik (one of FCMEN members, Junsu’s friend) said : 

“@0101xiahtic Omedetou~ ^-^ seems like you’re having a good time~ ㅋㅋ”

from : code07lim from Lim Byeong-han (Youngpil’s brother, one of FCMEN member, Junsu’s friend) said :

“Happy Birthday~ Together~ the cake that we made is amazing, isn’t it?”

what a love cake. loool

from beyondmonica aka Monica (CjeS’s guys know her right? lol) said:

@0101xiahtic: “Our handsome, cool, good at soccer, completely precious king-of-memorization, artist-nim whose consideration for others is as wide as the pacific ocean, Happy Birthday! ^^*”

from : Brianjoomuzik aka Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky’s member, Junsu’s friend) said :

“@0101xiahtic: Junsu-yah~ Sincerely Happy Birthday~ Anyway when will we go eat together and play?? Call me ^^”

and last but surely not least :

from : mjjeje aka Kim Jaejoong (JYJ’s member, and Junsu’s close friend/hyung) said

“@0101xiahtic our beloved Junsu-yah, happy birthday ^^”

credit : Junsu’s friends tweets

translated by : WithJunsu

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[Vid] 2011 XIAHDAY the 3rd teaser

[Vid] 2011 XIAHDAY the 3rd teaser

credit : 

even Juno aka Junho aka his twin

said happy birthday to junsu? (*ФωФ)♥
they born together ❤‿❤

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[Vids and Pics] the 26th XIAHDAY 2011

first teaser


second teaser

me said : WOAAAAAAAAAAAAH  !!!

credit :  

pictures :

take from twiter : Xiahday

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