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[FanArts] very very cute YooSoo fanarts

nowadays there aren’t much yoosoo moments,

but it doesn’t mean there aren’t ^^

this was’nt the right pic, but some how I lost the exact pic :p

credit all pics as tagged

taken from various sources

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[NEWS] JYJ’s Yoochun gifts staff with sneakers

[NEWS] JYJ’s Yoochun gifts staff with sneakers


JYJ‘s Yoochun recently showed his generosity by gifting his entire staff team with sneakers!

On March 13th, fellow member Junsu shared on his Twitter, “We went into the ‘Adidas’ store. Our Crown Prince told each of us to pick a pair of sneakers. I picked one out as fast as possible. He looked at me and said he didn’t mean me. I stood my ground and stared back. He finally agreed and let me get sneakers too. Crown Prince.”

With Yoochun in the middle, his staff pose as a group while holding up blue bags containing their new sneakers. You can spot a blonde haired Junsu in the back, which makes the picture even funnier considering the behind story he revealed for his fans.

Talk about amazing, free advertisement for Adidas!

Netizens commented, “Yoochun oppa, buy me some, too,” “The total must’ve come out to over a thousand bucks,” and “Junsu is adorable!”

In related news, Yoochun’s upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘, is awaiting its pilot episode on March 21st.

Source + Photos: Junsu’s Official Twitter
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: JYJ3

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[Pics] Elisabets’s Drama Musical Backstage Pictures with Junsu – 1

With Parent

With Mom


Mom with Poster


With Yoochun and Min Young Ki


With Mr. Levay


With (B3ast) Gikwang and his 2 FC Men’s member


taken from twitter

yun y m @zunoxiahmom

Min Young Ki @poimin73

강한승 @kanghanseung84

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[PICS] C-JeS calender of 2012

my fav pic of Junsu in this 2012’s calender

and more PICS get it on  :  BAIDUXIAH

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[Pics] Random Pictures of Junsu :)

I know junsu loves touch his neck when having a photoshoot,
and this is :

Junsu’s pose with his hand on his neck, what a good compilations

just click :

below is a great compilation of randoms Junsu :

just click : BAIDU XIAH

YOOSU’s wally from NII photos.


taken from : 

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[Vid] 111022 Junsu refusing to do Angel Xiah

this is really cute, wondering if he lost  on purpose LoL


Junsu: Because in this place, really, there are other people except fans.. Really, I can’t do it! passing by..they can curse me…Ah, really(waving hand) I can’t do it today, really. I’ll upload it on the Twitter later. (Fans chanting: Show us, show us!)

Yoochun: But..if there are only fans here, it’ll be ok but there are other people here too so..we need to see it even more, don’t we? Then if you win rock-paper-scissors with me, you don’t need to do it.
Junsu: Ok, ok
Yoochun: So if you win me, you’re not doing it.
Junsu: (If I win) It’s a revelation of God
Yoochun: I’ll show paper
Junsu: …..ok, you show paper
Yoochun: He’ll lose on purpose for the fans, cool guy Junsu

(Yoochun laughing, Junsu pointing at Yoochun and laughing)

Yoochun: Ok then I’ll show something else. I won’t tell, and just show anything else. Rock-paper-scissors!

(Junsu lost)

Junsu: Ah..
Yoochun: But well, I also think it’s not appropriate for thie place..Junsu might hit me when we get back to our car
Junsu: That, ahh..
Yoochun: Can’t do anything about it
Junsu: I think I’ll get anti-fans..a non-fan might say I pretended to be cute..

(Junsu keep watching Yoochun, smiling, then nodding)

Yoochun: That..seems to be difficult..(showing Angel Xiah) Sorry everyone
Junsu: You should consider what kind of place this is (the fansign event was held at a open space) it’s too open looks like there are some men here. Really, they might start cursing

Via: on Youtube
Translated by withjunsu

other similar fancam is more HQ 
credit : 
and finally since he lost… he should fulfill fans demand. poor junsu. ^^
credit : 
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[PICS] JYJ Photo Exhibition “MINE” compilations – Junsu’s cut! ^_^ last pic is…LOL YooSu~~ ;D (via iXiahCassie)

[PICS] JYJ Photo Exhibition "MINE" compilations - Junsu's cut! ^_^ last pic is...LOL YooSu~~ ;D LOL YooSu…you two such a “joker”…kekekekeee~~~ ;D credit: as tagged shared by: iXiahCassie … Read More

via iXiahCassie

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[Spazz] Happy729 – Happy Yoosu Day (via fashion follows yoochun)

[Spazz] Happy729 - Happy Yoosu Day I love this dorky couple Maybe they forget this is “in public” YC “Oh this is my pet, Junchan” Sometimes I just wanna be Junchan Hottie from head to toes? Yoochun is teasing Junsu with love Junsu is doing the same way kekekeke it’s too hard once in while Hit him Junchan hit him Yoosu got their own special way to show their love Happy 729 … Read More

via fashion follows yoochun

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[VIDEO] Junsu FC MEN + Yuchun SKKS Back shot (via JYJ3)

Credit: Remon04231@YT Shared by: JYJ3 … Read More

via JYJ3

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