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[FANCAMS] 120225 JYJ “The Day” Theater Tour

there were so many fancams…. gosh! almost couldn’t watch it one by one

so I keep some of it in here

my favs only


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[NEWS] JYJ’s daily life documentary ‘The Day’: First day of opening crowded with more than 4000 people… “gratify one’s senses”

[NEWS] JYJ’s daily life documentary ‘The Day’: First day of opening crowded with more than 4000 people… “gratify one’s senses”

The theater district was crowded on the opening day of JYJ’s daily life documentary ‘The Day’ with contents that gratify fans’ five senses and stage greeting events.

On 23rd, ‘The Day’ opened in 19 screens of Lotte Cinema and collected more than 4200 audiences. ‘The Day’ was originally made with a cable channel QTV as the JYJ’s documentary for TV program. The broadcast on television of the finished documentary was canceled by QTV and ended up opening at the Lotte Cinema after many twists and turns. ‘The Day’ was edited into 90 minutes as a fan service.

The parking lot, the entrance and adjacent streets of Lotte Cinema near Hongik University, one of places where there were stage greetings, was overcrowded with both Korean and international fans. There had been a notice for controlling visitor access at the entrance of the building. The Theater only allowed people with tickets to enter the theater in order to prevent congestion.

JYJ members thrilled fans by having extra unexpected stage greetings apart from already planned stage greetings. They not only greeted fans and introduced the movie, but also informed their recent states and had questions and answers time. The audiences expressed the stage greeting was almost like a fan meeting.

Members had stage greetings unexpectedly at Cinemas in Gungook University and Sillim. Fans, who saw members suddenly appearing at the end of movie, expressed they were extremely lucky. The insiders stated “because fans loved the surprise event, members felt extremely happy as well.”

During the stage greeting, Jaejoong guided communication between the audiences by saying “we also felt new watching a one-year-old video. How is JYJ that you guys know?”, Junsu sang a verse of musical and Yoochun acted a scene from drama ‘The Rooftop Prince.’

The film showed members’ daily life containing their dreams, friends, families, stage, behind the stage and other contents that fans cannot usually see. The members’ commentary made the film with daily documentary fresh.

The film contained not only the original video, but also a little box showing JYJ recording the commentary. Thus, fans who own the normal DVD can watch additional elements.

There is nothing special in ‘The Day.’ The film contains trivial daily life of JYJ celebrating birthday party, visiting their families and spending their holidays with them, playing a bet while playing Ping-Pong with friends, visiting their favorite restaurants, and going to a pension and etc. It is ‘the [special] Day’ to members when they can do ordinary activities. Although people might consider this a normal life, the audience are moved as members, finally, recover their composures and happily spend time with people around them.

In the film, members talk about food they love to eat, their parents, and their inner thoughts to each other. There are many funny stories spread throughout the movie. These stories include: Junsu was prodigy at playing the janggu (a Korean traditional musical instrument) when he was young, Jaejoong had three birthday parties when he was born, Yoochun is not interested in dressing up unlike his meticulous younger brother Yoohwan.

There are many scenes with members eating food, which make the audience hungry. Moreover, there is a behind story that members ended up ordering food while they were recording the commentary watching the film as well.

One audience in her thirties (resident in Korea) who watched the movie stated “although I am a fan, I have got to know more about the members. I laughed a lot due to funny commentaries by the three members. Few scenes touched me and made me cry as well. I feel like I saw a record of members’ 1 year and both my eyes and ears were satisfied during 90 minutes.”

Translated by @dlwpdldhkdlwp. Notes:
-Because this is a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
-No infringement of copyright intended.
-Please DO NOT post and/or modify my translation on any TVXQ5, TVXQ2, COUPLE SHIPPER, ACGAE, and/or ONLY-ONE-MEMBER SUPPORTING sites.
-Have a nice day! :)

Credit: OSEN Choi Nayoung Reporter
Translated by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by: JYJ3







views some of my favs


credit pics as tagged

find the rest of those collection on :

[FOTOS] 23.02.11 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 3)

[FOTOS] 23.02.11 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 4)

[FOTOS] 23.02.11 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 5)

[FOTOS] 23.02.11 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 6)

[FOTOS] 23.02.11 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 7)




views some of my favs


credit pics as tagged

find the rest of those collection on :

[FOTOS] 25.02.12 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 5)

[FOTOS] 25.02.12 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 6)

[FOTOS] 25.02.12 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 7)

[FOTOS] 25.02.12 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 8)

[FOTOS] 25.02.12 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 9)

[FOTOS] 25.02.12 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 10)

[FOTOS] 25.02.12 Estreno de “The day” – JUNSU (parte 11)



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The promotion vid

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[NEWS] JYJ’s lives arouse audience’s curiousity

First place: ‘The Day’
The honest story about the lives of three JYJ members (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu) aroused movie fans’ curiousity. The small-scale movie was scheduled for screening in 19 cinemas and it held the record of a sellout as soon as tickets were up for reservation. Last year, plans for ‘The Day’ to be shown on television misfired and it was re-edited to a 90 minutes ‘extract’ for theatrical release. The movie is expected to gain much anticipation as it was difficult to confirm its screening.

Second place: ‘War with Crime: Era of the Bad Guys’
Third place: ‘Howling’
Fourth place: ‘Man on a Ledge’
Fifth place: ‘Dancing Queen’
Sixth place: ‘Underworld 4: Awakening’
Seventh place: ‘Legends of Valhalla: Thor’

Credit: isplus
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter or remove the credits.

[NEWS] 120224 JYJ’s movie The Day ranks No. 1 in ticket sales

JYJ’s documentary movie The Day, released on February 23, ranked first in ticket sales, beating Nameless Gangster.

On February 24, the Korean Film Commission reported that the ticket share of The Day was 17.8%. This is higher than the share of Nameless Gangster, which is 17.0%.

The Day is a documentary film about JYJ members’ life and dream. It went through a hard time before it was released. It was expected to air on QTV at first but was cancelled, and later it was planned to be released in CGV but was again cancelled. Eventually, it was exclusively released in Lotte Cinama.

The Day is playing once or twice a day from February 23 to 26. The number of theaters playing the movie is eight in Seoul, five in Gyeonggi, four in Gyeongsang, and two in both Chungcheong and Jeolla.

After The Day and Nameless GangsterHauling ranked third with the share of 12.2% and Man on a Ledgeranked fourth with 11.8%.

Credit: TV Report + En Korea
Shared by: JYJ3

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